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BREAKING NEWS: Exclusive Secret Conversation Of A Boko Haram Detainee Mustapha Kolo Exposing Boko Haram.

June 30, 2014 by Eagle

Exclusive Secret Conversation of Mustapha Kolo, exposing
Boko Haram Activities Obtained. The suspect currently
being detained in Abuja for allegedly being a member of
Boko Haram confessed to an existing relationship between
the insurgents and Borno state Governor, Kashim
Shettima. Mustapha Kolo, who was arrested along with
others in Maiduguri confessed that the Governor has been
giving them money and has been meeting with their
leaders but is now trying to deny them.
It will be recalled that a terrorist was once arrested in the
Borno state Government Lodge.
Below is the transcript of the recording:-
Good evening how are you?
I greet you in English but you replied in Hausa. Don’t you
understand English?
I can understand English and I speak it well well.
I want to be your friend since we are going to stay
together here
I don’t want to be friend of stranger. You meet many of us
in that place we are before now they bring you here so you
can force me to reveal secret for you ko? Why they change
my cell and give me total stranger only two of us here?
Before we are twelve in that place now they bring me here
for what?
My name is Ahmed, I was arrested yesterday in Lokoja for
carrying guns. What is your own name and what brought
you to this place?
They get my name in their book so you can check. They
can tell you the offence that bring me here, because I did
not catch myself to come here. I am not prepare to
discuss any matter with you, because you are stranger
and I know you people just want to use me and dump me
like Kabiru and other people
Are you talking about Kabiru Sokoto?
You know about the Kabiru I am talking? I don’t know
whether you people have kill him ma sef. Me I know say I
will never release from here, but I never mind. I am here
because of Allah Subana Wata Allah and I am even
prepared to die to make the world Muslim, everybody. I
don’t know anything I can tell you more because if I talk
more they can kill me because it is offence to tell secret
things about our people, that is why since I come here
many days now I have refused to talk. Do you want them
to kill me? As you people want to kill me, if I talk and I go
out they will follow me to kill me is it what you want? So I
have no matter with you please.
I am not part of them. They also brought me here like you
for an offence. I have powerful person who is going to get
me out. I will help you when I go out and I will not reveal
your identity but you have to tell me the truth if you want
me to help you out. So tell me your name and why they
brought you here because the powerful person will want to
My Name is Mustapha, I am a student at Ramat
Polytechnic Maiduguri, before I join to work for Allah. My
friend introduce me to Markas and then we use to go
forwazi in different places. We listen to Mallam and he
teach us many things. Then we start to fight with
Government because the police they kill us. Governor SAS
he help police to kill us so we ma we kill his people so the
offence that I am brought here is offcence of killing people
in Jihad.
Did Mallam teach you how to kill with guns besides the
Different people teach us guns, but Mallam is big man he
only carry small gun like pistol. But when he preach he
can shoot gun as warning to kafiri to change. Everybody
who is listening to Mallam can be able to tell how he is
preaching good for everybody to be muslim but other
people they do not agree, that is why he is having problem
with government and police and army and they have kill
him. We want to also kill police and army like they have
kill mallam and many people.
How did you come here?
It is some useless people that they tell police and army
where we are hiding in one place and they come and shoot
us and they catch some of us. Then they put us in car and
drive us in the night to this place. They cover our eyes
with cloth and they tie our legs also, later they tell us this
is Abuja. They have remove us from Maiduguri to this
place so that we can tell them something about out
people, but we have not talk to them. They just give us
food every day and then they ask you if you can be able to
say something but No, we are not ready to tell them
anythings. Even some of them tell me they are muslim but
I know they are not good muslimand so I never tell them
anything secret that I know, even you now I know you are
telling lie that you will help me, you cannot be able to help
Are you Boko Haram?
You don’t know what is Boko Haram that is why you say
somebody is Boko Haram. Me I am not Boko Haram. How
if I am Boko haram I go to school in Mafoni and I go to
Ramat? I am doing the work of Allah.
Then why did you kill and burn schools?
We kill everybody who kill our people. We kill anybody
who he refuse to become Muslim. Even muslims who is
not good we kill them. But they have kill us many of us,
many of the people they kill they have go to aljannah, but
any who die kafir he will go to jihannama.
When you are doing the work of Allah, how much were you
being paid?
How can somebody pay to do work of Allah? They give us
money when somebody send us money to help in the work
of Allah. But when there is no money we manage. Like the
time they follow many of us we don’t have money so we
get smallsmall things from small small things from people
who want to help us.
But they say some people pay you to kill on their behalf.
Who were those paying you money to kill others?
Many people give us money for different different reason.
Many big people they give us money so that we will not
kill them, some people they give our big ogasmoney, they
say we should kill so so and so. Me I can tell you that I
know many big people in Maiduguri even in Abuja they
used to send money for us. During the time of politics
many people they use our name to kill other people. Some
of them say they are doing work of Allah also but that is
not true, they are doing politics. They are the one that give
us name boko haram, but our true name is Jama’atul
Sunnahlida awatti wal jihad.
Is it true that Government was giving you money in
The former Governor Ali Sheriff he did not give us money,
only to his ECOMOG people who they are doing politicis
together with them. All the ECOMOG they are not good
muslim so we kill some of them. Their own they are
politics, our own we are religion of islam, so we and
ECOMOG who is SAS giving money they are not our
people. So government can give ECOMOG money but they
not give us that time when SAS is Governor that is why we
are angry with Governor SAS.
Governor Kashim Shettima before he is a good man but
now he is not give money again to us. When he is
commissioner, he can give us plenty of money. He give us
money when we kill Fanami Gubio, so he can be Governor
but he is not completed his payment and even the other
money we are following him he no give us again. When he
become Governor he continue to give us money although
he abuse us in television and he give us money again then
no problem, but he is not giving money after sometime.
This Governor kashim he is from Maiduguri, but SAS is
Ngala andKashim he know very well what cause the
problem and the people doing the work. Even the person
he put for JTF he is his brother and he was do this work
we are doing before.
Are you saying Governor Kashim has been giving you
money to kill people?
Yes he give us money to do plenty things, like I have say
it. He give money to killFanami Gubio, he give us money
we shoot Awana Ngala and many of his enemy we have
kill them. That is why we are not happy because he
cannot give us the remaining money as he promise.
So now if they bring Governor here can you say it in his
presence that he has been giving you money for your
If he will not kill me after I can say it, but as Governor he
have power to tell police to kill me. That is why am afraid
of going out after I talk, but if you put GovernorKashim
Shettima I can able to tell him how he has give us money
since he iscommissioner up to time of Governor he still
give us money. He can meeting with us and give us plenty
money before but now he is afraid of people will know it,
but he cannot deny of knowing me or Amir Abacha or
Musa killer. We have go to Lagos house many times he
give us money. There are many people they give us
money, kadiri he give us money, bakura he give us money,
even they give us money to kill commissioner two of them,
but Goni was able to kill one and they catch him and they
kill him, the other one he ran away. That one is not
commissioner he is doctor.
Besides the Goveror, who else has been giving you
The other people who they give money I have tell you, I
can remember Ya Zanna, he is doing Hajj by road and he
help many people. He give us some time before he refuse
to come to Maiduguri. When many people they leave
Maiduguri, we did not see money again but some they are
giving only to big oga in our people like AmirGambo, he
can get money from big people, like Amir Abacha he can
collect money from Governor be he cannot give us only for
him, that is why he ran away and left us.
Can you tell me more on some of these people you say are
It is big offence to talk about your oga to stranger, I have
tell you about Governor and government how they help us
but my ogas it is wrong to tell you because they can catch
them, they cannot catch Governor because he is oga
kwatatata and everybody must obey him.
How many of you are doing this work of Allah in
We are more than the people of Maidugur. We plenty in
Number, Many people they run away when Governor give
them money. Many they are in the camp and many we are
still in Maiduguri. Some of us they are from Yobe state but
we are all doing one work for the Jihad of Allah. Some
people sef they are doing government work but they are
doing our work under under. Some they have travel to
Abuja, to Lagos and many of our people they travel to
Cotonou. I have once go to Cotonu but my friend Jibrin he
said we can come home to Maiduguri, nothing can happen
to us, now see what he has cause for us, even Jibrin they
kill him when they come to catch us in Maiduguri.
If I help you to get out will you stop killing people?
I just agree to talk to you but I know you cannot be able to
help me. But if I go out I can stop killing people but I will
not stop doing work of Allah because as muslimmy life
depend on the work which I can do for Aljannah. Then
again all my people they have died and I cannot get
anywhere I can stay because they will catch me. Army
people they are many in Maiduguri because of state
emergency is happening there now even I don’t know the
situation but I am feeling it in my body that they have
spoil the work for us.

Sunday, June 22, 2014


Most APC die-hard supporters could not believe there
would be an upset. But the handwriting became clearer on
the wall when it was obvious that Bimbo Daramola, Yemi
Adaramodu, Adewale Omirin, the Deputy Governor Prof
Mrs Adelabu and former Governor Niyi Adebayo all lost
their wards/booths. From results, out of the 12 wards in
Oye Local Government, Governor Kayode Fayemi's Local
Government, APC won only 2 wards while PDP cleared the
rest. Fayose won in all the Local Governments in Ekiti
State, scoring over 203,090 votes to Fayemi's 120,433.
The defeat was total and absolute.
It was one defeat that leaves your jaws open and makes
you wonder what went wrong. Fortunately or
unfortunately, depending on the side you are, the election
was free and fair. Though it took place under a massive
security arrangement, there was no report of
disenfranchisement whatsoever. The turnout was massive
and it was reported that some polling booths witnessed
close to 80% turnout of registered voters. People travelled
from Lagos and other states just to vote in Ekiti. I
personally know people who went to their Ekiti home state
just to register their feelings with their votes. After voting,
people stayed and ensured the votes were counted. One
account had it that an old woman asked a citizen
journalist to write Fayose's results on her palm.
Some people attributed Peter Ayodele Fayose's victory to
the sharing of rice and other inducements but this is
begging the question because APC also shared rice and
even doled out money. Those who were on ground
confirmed this and most of them collected from both
parties. Consequently, it was not the victory of 'raw rice'
over 'cooked rice'. So what caused the massive rejection
of APC and consequently Governor Kayode Fayemi at the
polls in spite of the well noted above average performance
of his government? Why would the most educated
homogenous group in Yoruba land rebel elect Ayo Fayose,
someone supposedly 'under-educated' by their high
educational standards and reject Kayode Fayemi, a PhD
holder and incumbent for four years? What lessons are
there for APC for the coming elections?
True, Governor Fayemi built roads and embarked on urban
renewal. His footprints were all over the State. However,
he was disconnected from the masses. There was a
general perception that his government was elitist and he
didn't do anything to correct that impression. He did not
have the common touch. He was building for the people
but the people did not feel any connection with him. His
style brought back a feeling of nostalgia about Fayose's
days to the people. Fayose could speak their language.
Fayose also made a mountain about living among the
people. In all the years he was away from office, he never
left Ekiti. He did not become a Lagos or Abuja politician
and the people noted it. That was why there was a chant
of 'Ghana Must Go' a few days to the election- referring to
where Governor Fayemi resided at a point in time. Did
Fayemi engage in town hall sessions across Ekiti
constantly through his tenure? If he did, were they
effective? Our politics in the South West still remains
rudimentary and that is why any touch of populism will
carry the day.
Governor Fayemi practically lived and campaigned on
social media. He ran a very effective facebook and twitter
campaign. You can never fault him for taking advantage of
technology. However, twitter does not vote and most
facebook activists don't come out to vote. When Governor
Fayemi assembled bloggers from Lagos and brought them
to Ekiti to assess his performance, I knew he was
embarking on a fruitless exercise. The bloggers could only
influence the opinion of those who read them and how
many people actually read them in Isan, Ijan, Erio-Ekiti,
Iworoko and other less-city towns?
This election was APC's to lose. Actually, it should have
been a walkover for Governor Fayemi if they had kept
Fayose in their corner of the party. Fayose was a major
contributor to Fayemi's victory at the last polls. I
remember Fayemi published an advertorial thanking
Fayose for his efforts. When Fayose's father died, it was
widely acknowledged that he carried a signage with the
note 'Vote For Fayemi'. When Fayose celebrated his
birthday, the who's who in the then ACN were present and
they poured accolades on him. However, he claimed there
was an understanding that he will be given a senatorial
slot as compensation. This was never honored and he
decamped to the Labour Party where he was trounced. He
brought in this bruised ego into the political field. When a
man's ego suffers, other things bear the consequences.
What would it take to cede a slot to 'Oshoko' and let him
retire at the Senate? Even the Holy Writ asked us to
quickly make friends of our adversaries lest they put us in
gaol. APC is now in gaol, politically.
Many people that I know don't see Ayo Fayose as a
credible candidate yet they voted for him. They explained
that their vote for Fayose was actually a rejection of the
Bourdillon overlords. Many in Ekiti e have not forgotten
how Hon Oyetunde Ojo, a son-in-law of Bola Tinubu
became a member of the House of Representatives. This
same Hon Ojo is married to Tinubu's daughter who is now
the Iyaloja of Lagos. Tinubu's wife is also a Senator of the
Federal Republic. Fayose made some comedy out of this
when he announced that he will 'bring the government
back from Bourdillon to Ekiti'. Tinubu needs to watch it.
His drum is sounding too loud and this election was to
burst his bubble, just like Ondo and Anambra people just
did. His latest pronouncement to the effect that only three
kings in Yorubaland were reliable and supported the
aspirations of June 12 further alienated him from the
traditional rulership and essentially the people. Fayemi's
defeat was a collateral damage of sorts. Widely
acknowledged as a good and responsible leader, he caved
in due to the wrong perception of his godfather.
Due to the cultural affinity shared between Ondo and Ekiti
States, there would always be a meeting point. When
Governor Mimiko of Ondo State asserted himself and won
the Ondo State Gubernatorial election, I knew it was just a
matter of time before Ekiti followed suit. A very proud
group of people don't want to be vassals. And vassals
they think they are especially when there is the perception
that all key decisions are taken in Lagos. So it was
waiting to happen.
Such as the Teachers Needs Development Assessment
Tests, ban on okada riders without preferring an
alternative solution, removal or demolition of shops to
give way for urban renewal without immediate adequate
compensation, demolition of 'slums' without providing
alternative homes and similar policies. Once the livelihood
of people are threatened, they will find a way to revolt.
What happened in Ekiti was a revolt of peasants- a revolt
of sorts. Not even the cooperation of all the kings in Ekiti
land with APC could stop it. Policies must 'wear' a human
face. Opinions must be polled and listened to in some
cases. This is not to say that decisions should not be
carried out to the benefit of people, even if they are
difficult. However, the people must be engaged and the
benefits explained rigorously. Having policy somersaults
at the 11th hour on election eve opens you to opprobrium.
Before now, it was very popular to tout the achievements
of the 'poster boy' of APC, Babatunde Raji Fashola as
proof that the APC was different and will offer a better
platform for the people. That argument won over people in
droves. But no more. Ekiti people also saw the
achievements of Olusegun Mimiko during his first term
under the Labour Party and realized it was not just about
the party alone. Political parties as we know them in
Nigeria have no clear cut ideologies. People seem to be
wiser now and they are ready to consider candidates
irrespective of the platforms presenting them.
APC needs to re-strategize if the same fate will not befall
them in Oyo, Ogun and Edo States. I personally think
Ogbeni Aregbesola is on ground in Osun State and will be
able to retain the State for APC except a serious misstep
occurs before the election. Oyo, Ogun and Edo are three
swing states that may be lost to the opposition anytime
soon. A word is enough- if they are wise.
- Bayo Adeyinka

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

LAMIDO SANUSI: The wrong Emir of Kano, By Femi Aribisala

His Royal Highness, the new Emir of Kano, might end up
with the same fate that befell him as CBN Governor.
Of all the cities in Northern Nigeria, Kano is perhaps the
most important. Although it used to be subject to the
Sokoto Caliphate, in many respects it has since become a
far more important city in Nigeria than Sokoto. Kano was
the administrative capital of the entire Northern Nigeria
under British colonial rule. Today, it is by far the biggest
metropolis in Northern Nigeria. It is not only the vibrant
commercial capital of the region; it is a leading epicenter of
economic activity in sub-Saharan Africa.
True progressives
Kano is also in many respects the most truly progressive
state in Nigeria. It has never been a follow-the-leader city.
The people of Kano have a mind of their own. They
specialize in bucking the national trend. Kano is the city of
trail-blazing Mallam Aminu Kano and the Northern
Elements Progressive Union (NEPU), which later became
the formidable People’s Redemption Party (PRP). It is also
the city of Maitama Sule, another one of Nigeria’s former
luminaries and perhaps the most distinguished orator ever
in the history of Nigerian politics.
For these reasons and more, the politics of Kano have far-
reaching regional and national implications. It also goes
without saying that the Emir of Kano is inevitably a very
influential man, not only in Kano and the North, but in
Nigeria as a whole. By virtue of his office, a lot of people
look up to him. His views go a long way to shape public
opinion in the Northern part of the country and even beyond.
This makes the choice of the Emir of Kano more than a local
affair. It is a choice that must be made soberly and with
great circumspection as befitting such a local office of
national significance.
Lack of probity
This makes the choice of Lamido Sanusi, the disgraced
former Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria, as the new
Emir of Kano most inappropriate. It is a choice that,
wittingly or unwittingly, will bring the office of the Emir into
disrepute. It is improper that a man who still has
allegations of financial improprieties hanging over his head
at the national level, to which he might have to answer in
the court of law, should be appointed to such an important
post. This is how Nigerian leaders show they have little or
no understanding of the ethics of public office and good
governance. Lamido Sanusi has just been fired as CBN
governor on allegations of corrupt practices. How then can
such a man be rewarded with the appointment of Emir of
Kano before his innocence is established?
This is the Nigerian way and it is the way of ignoble and
corrupt practices. Sanusi’s appointment to such an
important post could not have taken place in countries
concerned about probity and transparency in public office.
His appointment confirms the allegations of our gaggle of
Western traducers that Nigeria is a citadel of corruption. It
tells the world that Nigeria deserves to be one of the lowest-
ranked countries on the corruption index of Transparency
International; a global civil society organization that
engages in comparative analysis of the levels of corruption
in the countries in the world.
Case against Sanusi
Sanusi is accused by the federal government of running the
accounts of the CBN like a bull in a china shop. It is only in
Nigeria that you can have a Central Bank governor spend
government money as outrageously and as whimsically as
Sanusi is alleged to have done. The government reveals
that Sanusi gave away nothing less than ₦163 billion in 63
unauthorised “intervention projects” in different parts of the
country. This largesse is more than the entire annual
budget of a state like Edo. He is also accused of being guilty
of a number of grave financial improprieties.

Will he now get away with these corrupt practices simply
because he has been appointed as Emir, or will he be
prosecuted to the full extent of the law? Your guess is as
good as mine. If the charges against him are dropped
simply because of his appointment, it will be another
example of Nigeria’s tendency to condone corruption. Even
the former prime minister of Israel was tried and sentenced
to jail for corruption, which is what happens in those
countries with zero tolerance for the improprieties of public
officials. The question now is whether the Emir of Kano is
beyond the law. Another question is whether Nigeria a real
republic or no more than a banana republic?
The Emir of Kano does not have any constitutional immunity
from criminal prosecution. If Sanusi is prosecuted in spite of
his appointment and found guilty, it would undoubtedly be
demeaning to the office of the Emir of Kano when and if he
is ignominiously sent to jail. Indeed, he would be the first
Emir to be granted such distinction in Nigeria. While every
Nigerian must be deemed innocent of all charges until
proven guilty in a court of law, commonsense dictates that
you do not appoint a man with criminal allegations hanging
over his head into high office until he has cleared himself of
those allegations in the court of law.
APC treachery
This makes the appointment of Sanusi as Emir by Governor
Kwankwaso of Kano an act of deliberate mischief. The
Nigerian Senate recently declared Sanusi a liar and
mischief-maker for making false allegations that a
whopping 49 billion was missing from the federal accounts.
A liar and mischief-maker is not suitable for the politically-
sensitive post of Emir of Kano. Governor Kwankwaso
himself was accused of being a fraudster by no less a
person than Goodluck Jonathan, the President of Nigeria.
What we now have is that an alleged fraudster has
appointed another alleged fraudster into high office,
undermining the reputation and integrity of the important
city of Kano.
Are there no protocols concerning the appointment of Emirs
and Obas in Nigeria? Certainly there must be. Even if there
is none, should propriety not tell Kwankwaso that a man
facing corruption charges is not be eligible for political
appointment? Only in Nigeria does this kind of disregard for
ethics and good governance hold sway. Since this is
coming from one of the new kingpins of the APC, who is
even being touted by some as presidential- candidate
material, what does it tell us about “fresh air” that the APC
claims it will bring to Nigerian politics? It tells us that the
APC is one big charade.
Make no mistake about it: this is a political appointment.
Even more pointedly, it is an APC appointment. Governor
Kwankwaso who made this appointment is a rebel PDP
Governor who recently defected to the APC. He would not
have made the appointment as a PDP governor. This
appointment was made to spite the government of Goodluck
Jonathan. But what small-minded people like Kwankwaso
don’t seem to understand is that when they undermine the
government of the Goodluck Jonathan, they are
undermining the government of the Federal Republic of
Unworthy governor
One of the allegations against Sanusi by the federal
government is that he is suspected to be one of the
financiers of Boko Haram. The fact that the man is now
appointed as Emir, without these allegations being ironed
out, is further evidence that some Northerners are not ready
to confront the issue of terrorism in the North. If they were, a
man facing terrorism-related charges by the federal
government would not be the preferred choice as Emir of
Kano, a city that has been attacked severally by the Boko
By this act, Kwankwaso has made himself an unworthy
governor of Kano. Only an unworthy governor would turn
such a revered institution as the emirate of Kano into
political football. Kwankwaso has made the people of Kano
into a laughing-stock. Revered institutions like that of the
Emir of Kano should be beyond the shenanigans of this type
of political manipulation. I have said it before and I say it
again: there is nothing progressive about the APC. This
appointment of Sanusi as the new Emir of Kano is further
proof. What the APC bring to Nigeria is the same tired old-
time corrupt politics that has been the bane of the country
for the longest time. The APC is one big con.

Unfortunately for Kwankwaso, he chose the wrong state to
do this prank. Kano is a highly volatile city. The people are
not going to take this appointment lightly. Already, there
have been a number of violent skirmishes since the
appointment. Kwankwaso has lighted a bush-fire whose
consequences may be more than he bargained for. You can
never tell how far Kano citizens who have been brazenly
disrespected by the governor will go in registering their
protest. In any case, Kwankwaso’s act is sure to backfire
against the APC in Kano. This means we have not yet heard
the last of Kwankwaso’s treachery.
Questionable future
If Lamido Sanusi were wise, he should spend some time
reading the tea-leaves. Some people are already concluding
that Sanusi is the new Emir by divine providence. However,
appointments as Emir or even as Sultan are no longer
sacrosanct. Mustapha Jokolo was removed as the Emir of
Gwandu in 1995 and replaced by Mohammed Jega. Ibrahim
Dasuki was removed as the Sultan of Sokoto in 1996 and
replaced by Muhammadu Maccido.
Therefore, this is a piece of advice for the new Emir of Kano.
Don’t bother to move your belongings into the Emir’s
palace just yet. Don’t even bother to change the curtains or
the carpets for now. You may not be on your throne for
long. Thanks to Kwankwaso, the Kano Emirate has been
politicized to all effects and purposes. Today, it is clearly in
the APC camp. But if the APC lose the governorship election
in Kano in February next year, it is not improbable that the
Emirate will immediately be declared as a PDP terrain.
In that case, His Royal Highness, the new Emir of Kano,
might end up with the same fate that befell him as CBN
Governor. He might be summarily dismissed.

Friday, June 6, 2014

(PHOTO) Lasu students turns Fashola Office to Kitchen Ground

Those who takes education away from the poor should also think of its consequences,  this is what you call progressive government.  Shame!

Thursday, June 5, 2014

UK deports Nigerian woman seeking asylum in the UK over fears her daughters would be circumcised here:

32 year old Afusat Saliu (pictured right) has been deported from the UK after a campaign to keep her in the country failed. There was a campaign against her deportation on the grounds that her two daughters, 4 and 2 (pictured above) face the possibility of female genital mutilation in Nigeria.

Afusat had fled Nigeria in 2011, claiming her stepmother had threatened to circumcise her first daughter. She was pregnant again at the time and claimed she feared her second daughter would also be subjected to FGM.

Afusat and her two daughters were arrested on May 28th by the UK Border Agency and although over 120,000 people signed a petition calling on the Home Office not to deport her, the campaign failed as the woman and her kids were put on a flight back to Nigeria yesterday June 4th.
"We consider every claim for asylum on its individual merits and in this case, the claimant was not considered to be in need of protection. The case has gone through the proper legal process and our decision has been supported by the UK courts on five separate occasions, while the European Court of Human Rights declined an application to halt the removal." UK Home Office said.
Afusat's lawyer said she's spoken to her since she returned to Nigeria and said Afusat is quite upset at being sent back and plans to continue fighting her case until she's allowed back in the UK.

Monday, June 2, 2014

Nigeria Super Eagles Head Coach, Stephen Keshi Releases His 23 man World Cup Team

Nigeria Super Eagles Head Coach, Stephen Keshi has
released his 23 man list for the World Cup starting in a few
See the squad
Vincent Enyeama (Lille/FRA),
Chigozie Agbim (Gombe United),
Austin Ejide (/ISR)
Elderson Echiejile (Monaco/FRA),
Efe Ambrose (Celtic FC/SCO),
Godfrey Oboabona (Rizespor/TUR)
Azubuike Egwuekwe (Warri Wolves),
Kenneth Omeruo (Middlesbrough/ENG),
Juwon Oshaniwa (Ashdod FC/ISR),
Joseph Yobo (Norwich City/ENG)
Mikel Obi (Chelsea/ENG),
Ogenyi Onazi, (Lazio/ITA)
Ejike Uzoenyi (Enugu Rangers),
Gabriel Reuben (Beveren/BEL),
Nosa Igiebor (Real Betis/SPA),
Sunday Mba (CA Bastia/FRA),
Michael Uchebo (Cercle Brugge/BEL)
Ahmed Musa (CSKA Moscow/RUS),
Shola Ameobi (Newcastle United/ENG)
Victor Moses (Chelsea/ENG),
Emmanuel Emenike (Fenerbahce/TUR),
Osaze Odemwingie, (Stoke city/ENG)
Nnamdi Oduamadi (Varese/ITA)

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Controversy Trails Pastor Chris Oyakhilome's Divorce Story

Authorities of Christ Embassy International have denied
reports of break-up between the Senior Pastor of the
church, Chris Oyakhilome, and his wife, Anita.
The church described online media reports that the
marriage had crashed as “make-up stories.”
In a post on a Facebook account opened by Anita’s
supporters, ‘Where is Rev. Anita Oyakhilome?’ the senior
pastor was quoted as saying there was an ongoing
domestic issue with Anita.
The recipient of a call made to the official contact line of
the church, who identified herself simply as Pastor Mercy,
said the report was false.
She said, “It is not true; it is a rumour. All these things are
make-up stories.”
A post on the Facebook page purported to be the summary
of Pastor Chris’ speech with United Kingdom-based
pastors and deacons of Christ Embassy at the Bermondsey
branch of the church on May 16, 2014, stated that, “I am
here for your concerns about the ongoing domestic issue
with my wife and I know it affects you directly, being the
ones under her leadership.”
He allegedly asked the pastors not disposed to the
developments in the church to quit. According to report
quoting him, “You don’t join a woman to fight her
“Bitterness is prolonged and accumulated anger. My wife is
always angry and bitter,” he was quoted as saying.
Oyakhilome also allegedly said, “Some pastors’ wives think
when they marry a pastor, they are equal to the pastor. My
wife thinks so. As a matter of fact, Rev. Tom was her pastor
before I married her and Rev. Ray and Evang. Owase were
her leaders long before I married her. How come she thinks
she’s senior to them now?
“I already started Christ Embassy before I married her. I
didn’t marry her and said we should start Christ Embassy. I
was already ‘pastoring.’ I already set my sail and knew my
direction before I married her. I only said ‘come and help
“Be careful of the friends you keep. My wife keeps friends
who bring out the worst in her and help her see the worst in
people, instead of keeping friends that will help her vision,
especially as the wife of a global pastor like me.”
Another member of the church dismissed the reports as
speculations. She said it could only be confirmed by an
official press release by the leadership of the church.
“There are issues, yes, but the Facebook post is an
absolute fallacy,” the member, who pleaded anonymity,

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