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Tiwa Savage Sacks Husband, Employs Mekka Millions As New Manager

Tiwa Savage Sacks Husband, Employs Mekka Millions As New Manager
Tiwa and new manager, Mekka Millions

Foluke Daramola speaks on political ambition and failed marriage

If I Were Linda Ikeji, Why I Wouldn’t Buy a Range Rover Sport With $153,000!

Linda Ikeji Range

On Tuesday, 16th September 2014, popular Nigerian blogger Linda Ikeji posted on her blog her latest luxury toy; a brand new 2014 Range Rover Sport Supercharged. According to her, this cost a whopping sum of N24m [$153,000]!

This is not her first car by the way, this is her 3rd car following a 2011 Infiniti FX 35 [N8m] and a 2008 Toyota Camry. Conservatively, her 3 cars cost N36m [$228,000], not bad for a blogger right?

The Value of Money

Anyone is free to spend their money however they want.

But stop to think about this, would Linda Ikeji be able to buy these cars if Larry Page and Sergey Brin hadn’t invented Google the company that created the free blogging platform she uses?

Would Linda Ikeji be able to buy these cars if Andy Bechtolsheim the first venture capitalist who funded Google’s startup with $100,000 had gone ahead to buy a Range Rover Sport for $153,000?

Would Linda Ikeji be able to buy these cars if Larry Page and Sergey Brin had used the money they created blogspot with to buy a Range Rover Sport?

As a matter of fact, Larry Page whose net worth is $32.1 Billion doesn’t own a luxury car as much as Linda Ikeji. His 3 automobiles valued at $137,000 are all environmentally friendly products;

Toyota Prius, a hybrid electric mid-size hatchback. It is among the most clean cars of the world based on smog formation and vehicular emissions. This was the world’s first mass produced gasoline-electric hybrid car. $20,000
Tesla Roadster, a Battery Electric Vehicle sports car. It has the distinction of being the first all-electric vehicle in serial production. Larry Page is also a key investor in the firm and thus was one of the buyer of this car. $109, 000
Zero X motorbike, an Electric Vehicle from Zero Motorcycles, which you can get for just under US $ 8,000.

On the other hand, Sergey Brin, who has a net worth of $ 30.7 Billion, like his partner, also doesn’t own a luxury car as much as Linda Ikeji. His 2 automobiles valued at $129,000, are all environmentally friendly products; a Toyota Prius [$20,000] and a Tesla Roadster [$109,000].


The African Mentality of Wealth

As Africans, we have a very funny way of utilizing wealth. Unlike our western counterparts, who see wealth as a tool for the creation of more wealth and more good in the world, we see wealth as a tool for luxury.

We make money to ‘show off’, to make a statement that we have arrived. Our appetite for extravagancy increases as our wealth increases. We suddenly forget how we once survived without all these luxurious toys and completely lose all senses of moderation.

One luxury car doesn’t seem to be enough; we keep reaching out for more as more money comes in. we decorate our garage with expensive toys that are tying down valuable resources that ought to be utilized for the creation of more wealth and more good in the world.

This is the same mentality common amongst our politicians as well as religious leaders. The open display of wealth and excessive accumulation of luxury toys are all evident around us. And yet we keep on complaining that our economies are not growing. We keep on wondering when Africa will measure up with the rest of the world.

How can we ever measure up when all we do with wealth is to spend it wastefully on consumables rather than re-invest it on wealth creating opportunities. Rather than use of wealth to create Venture Capital firms that will empower startups with seed funds, we spend them on luxury toys that does no one good but our selfish selves!

To Whom Much Is GIVEN, Much Is Expected

That Linda Ikeji rose to such level of affluence while using a free blogging platform that some other entrepreneurs created with their wealth, is enough reason for her to tread wisely.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with her first 2 cars, they were high profile cars already. Going as much as spending $153,000 for a 3rd car, was purely wasteful for someone with her humble beginnings. You would think she should be more considerate with money.

Less than the amount she spent on her 2014 Range Rover Sport, $100,000 was the seed capital that built Google into a global $395 Billion brand that employs over 50,000 people worldwide. If they didn’t use this money wisely, Linda Ikeji won’t be making that much from blogging for free.

Recently, on the 12th of September, the same Google offers $100,000 cloud credit for startups in order to create more success stories to add to its portfolio.

The point of this essay is simple, that you have so much is not a justification to waste so much. With the same amount you waste on luxury items, is what others have changed the world with.

It is true that wealth reveals our true nature. The wise become wiser as their wealth grows. The generous gives more as their wealth grows. The greedy acquires more as their wealth grows. In the end, to whom much is given, much is expected!

Conclusion: Linda Ikeji Needs To Stop Showing Off!

As entrepreneurs, we are not like the folks in the entertainment industry who flaunt their toys every now and then. We have a higher responsibility to make better use of the resources at our disposal. Business is an institution of society and the society depends on us entrepreneurs for the consistent creation of products/services that push humanity forward.

Entrepreneurship is not showbiz. Entrepreneurship is not about being a celebrity. Entrepreneurship is about leaving a legacy. Real entrepreneurs change the world by doing stuffs that MATTER. They are too busy making a difference. No time for paparazzi!


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Photo: US singer Ashanti on her way to Nigeria

Singer Ashanti pictured aboard Arik Air on her way to Nigeria for the Bovi Man on Fire show which will hold this Friday October 3rd at Eko Hotel.

Source; Linda Ikeji Blog

Photo: GEJ's cook, Taxi driver and Traffic Warden honored at 2014 National Awards

From left: Presidential steward, Onu Isaac Michael, Taxi driver, Imeh Usuah and traffic warden Cpl Solomon Dauda, conferred with the Member of the Order of the Niger, MON and MFR, today. Usuah was honored for returning N18million a passenger forgot in his taxi. The three of them were also given houses in Abuja.

That is a reward for honesty, hope more Nigerians can learn from this.

General Buhari: A Whole Former Head of State! By Pius Adesanmi

Pius Adeyemi

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“Ewedu” Can Prevent And Cure Ebola – Professor Adebukola Ositelu.

A consultant at the Lagos University Hospital (LUTH), Idi-
Araba, Professor Adebukola Ositelu, has said Ewedu which
is known in English as the Long-Fruited vegetable, is
capable of preventing and curing the Ebola Virus Disease
(EVD) by boosting the immune system.
Ositelu stated this at the annual African Traditional
Medicine Day organised by the National Agency for Food
and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC) on
Thursday, at Ikeja, Lagos.
According to her, the vegetable had a high potency to
boost the immune system such that it’s usage would
prevent an individual from being infected with Ebola, or get
rid of the virus in the case of an infected person.
She, however, noted that chances of being cured by an
intake of Ewedu when a victim has gotten to the stage of
vomiting was low, but could still be administered.
Ositelu, who is a professor of Ophthalmology at the
University of Lagos, Akoka (UNILAG), said to administer
the ‘treatment’, the Ewedu should be rinsed thoroughly
with liquid vinegar “blend and cook with drinkable water,
without adding salt or kaun (pottash) or any other
ingredients; then take a 25cl or half a tumbler measure
once a week, first thing in the morning before any meal”
for prevention, adding that those already infected should
take it every morning for seven to five days.

PHOTO OF THE DAY: Obasanjo Feeding OGD? Interesting.....

What do you make of this pic.... Most especially with the lingering crisis rocking the Ogun state chapter of the PDP. 

“Rampaging” Terrorists: Military Vows ‘Everything’ To Defend Nigeria As Gulak Falls To Boko Haram

Major General Olukolade also urged
Nigerians not to lose hope or be
disenchanted, but to remain steadfast and
supportive of the military as it conducted its
counterinsurgency operations. As the
statement was being issued,
SaharaReporters learnt that the township of
Gulak in Adamawa State, close to Madagali,
has also fallen to Boko Haram insurgents.

Just days after Boko Haram took Bama, Borno
State’s second-largest city, Nigeria’s military forces
on Friday vowed to defeat the insurgency amidst
news that the town of Gulak, Adamawa State has
just been overran by Boko Haram militants.
In a statement signed by Major General Chris Olukolade, the
Director of Defense Information, he underlined a “sense of
apprehension” on account of what he called the current
challenges in the counter-terrorism efforts in the northeast
of the country.
Major General Chris Olukolade reiterated the pledge and
commitment previously made in a briefing to the Joint
Committee on Defense of the National Assembly that
everything would be done to reverse the situation and
defeat the “rampaging” terrorists.
“While welcoming all the concerns shown by Nigerians and
a section of the international community following the
increased menace and activities of terrorists, it is
necessary to reassure all that the Nigerian Armed Forces is
more than ever determined and committed to the defense of
the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Nigeria,
regardless of any odd”, Olukolade said.
Major General Olukolade also urged Nigerians not to lose
hope or be disenchanted, but to remain steadfast and
supportive of the military as it conducted its
counterinsurgency operations.
As the statement was being issued, SaharaReporters learnt
that the township of Gulak in Adamawa State, close to
Madagali, has also fallen to Boko Haram insurgents.
Sources claimed that Nigerian troops from Task Force
Mike, who were drawn from the Special Operation Battalion
and the 3rd Division of the Nigerian Army in Jos, fled the
area after the militants overran the town.
However, military sources said the soldiers, who number
about 300, withdrew to Mubi, Adamawa State.
Gulak, which fell to Boko Haram militants today, had been
previously chosen by Nigeria’s security forces as a staging
ground for retaking Madagali from the militants.

Courtesy: Sahara Reporters

I Support Rev Anita to Divorce Pastor Chris –Founding Member

A friend of Rev Anita, Cyla Simpson, just gave her take on
the Oyakilhomes divorce: Read her take:
“I am writing this to everyone with a heavy heart. It is heart
wrenching to see the way people are referring to Rev Anita
and how uncultured people are while talking. You don’t
need to be derogatory or condescending to express yourself
no matter your level as a christian. First I would join true
Christians around the world to appeal to Rev Anita but
would say listen to God rather than man.
“I want to appeal to everyone to please pause and think
deep because whatever a man sow, he shall surely reap.
This is like beating a child like Ibo elders will say and still
take the tears from the child. Take a step aside and think.
Is there a woman who will give up her home on flimsy
excuse, if no why are we so callous and insensitive in this
matter. I am a married woman and so are many reading
this, or you have a mother, a sister or daughter. If you are
happy for them to go through whatever brought Rev Anita
to this level please continue with your judgemental
approach towards her. And the God of truth will visit
everyone with same except if there was no cause. Amen!!!
“I have read some accusing her of money and power
been my pastor for about 13 years now. I am one of the
founding members of her church and I have seen her grow
a church from using all any available venue while planting
more churches in faith sending her best member out to
start a new church, from two churches in England has
grown to churches in almost every borough and cities. Rev
Anita will see anyone and everyone regardless of your
“If she ever kept you waiting, she will apologise profusely
throughout the meeting and make it good to you. Rev Anita
without an office will still counsel us even in her car on
Wednesday night after church yet she has 1hour 30mins
drive back home with 2 young girls. For so long she was
driving a volkswagon golf until 2005 that we bought her a
BMW X3 and she still refused to drive it for many months
until she was begged to use it so that we can be blessed.
She used the same car until 2010/2011 and the
replacement she had then is still what she used till her last
day in church last year.
“We begged her to come around for us to celebrate her
birthday but she will still go into hiding. On her return the
little song we will do for her, she will return it to Rev Chris
in thanksgiving. Any money you give her she sends it
straight to church account or Loveworld TV. If we ever
raise money for her birthday she ask us to go and use it for
evangelism or send it to Loveworld TV. When you give her
any material thing, regardless of the shop you purchased
it, she will use it for you to see and thank you as long as
she sees you for the gift.
“At Christmas, while service was on up to 2013 christmas
she will give almost everyone in church gift. Foodstuff will
be dropped at your side as service. She will specially take
care of the elderly, help you settle down when you arrive in
the country. No barren left without children as she will
make it her project until it happens. So how come people
came up with this terrible accusation. You accused her of
being rude to some CEC members. Wow. This is wicked.
First for so long, she was the Vice President and others
have other positions. I thought husband and wife are one.
“She raised 2 girls in this society and the 2 girls are
admirable, humble, down-to-earth children. They are
children not a reflection of the home they grew. Pastor
Chris was not around. He came to our church on Fathers’
Day sometimes ago and he told us one of the daughters’
requested for it as her birthday gift – how touching and
how she treasures her dad’s presence. She could ask for
material thing but she asked for his presence and we all
are here judging them. I remember these girls will politely
beg me to allow them carry my baby and they will play
with him and when they bring him back, they will thank me
for letting them carry him and I’m surprised because I
should thank them for helping me. And they do same to
other mothers in the mothers’ area where we sit in church.
Is it not what they saw their mum do, they are not class-
“I remember that visit of Pastor, Rev Tom talking said we
may not value what we have. That she is the grace in the
CEC. If they all condemn someone, she will see a good
reason to embrace the person and she has always been
right. Rev Chris said at one IPPC that most changes we see
here in the ministry, she in her simple way brought them
and that was the day he spoke about how she talked about
the effort we put into publicity of programme but that same
or more should be put in telling what the Lord did in that
programme when its over. So what changed now, because
she is asking for a change.
“I have read all the messages here by some writers, the
news is all over our church and I have taken my time to
find out what is really happening and to the much
available, below are the things Rev Anita is asking for:
She told Rev Chris that you are such an organised person,
you give us almost a full year calendar on Dec 31st of
every year, please put the family in the timetable too. The
times you don’t have any engagement, please come home.
I need you and the children need you. Please bear in mind
she has been here since 1999 and she was just about 30
years old then as a married woman with 2 children. So for
almost 16 years of her marriage, no husband at home for
straight 1 week, no dad at home for the children. No
christmas, yet he has party with the staff that we all watch
at Christmas. Even Jesus always withdrew from the crowd
to fellowship with his father.
- She asked Rev Chris that on hearing of the immorality,
‘not holding it against you but let all these ladies move out
of White House and go and get houses outside. They are
rich enough to buy houses at their place of choice if they
don’t already have one and allow them marry. Who benefits
from this choice, is it not everyone? So which is her offence
in this. And Rev Chris did not agree to it. The brothers even
said they went to have meeting with him in South Africa to
beg him to at least meet her half-way but he refused.
2. Public responses are the emergency Bible study after
their meeting with him titled – Spirit of Error and Spirit of
Truth, please flash back at this meeting or relisten to it and
after so much call in the UK for him to produce our mother,
he had meeting with our pastors and deacons in May and it
is recorded that many left the meeting weeping for the way
he described our mother that some have had lifetime
experience with.”

NANS Declares President Jonathan ‘Grand Commander of Nigerian Students’

Past and present leaders of the National
Association of Nigerian Students were at
Aso Rock Villa today where they bestowed
on the president ‘Grand Commander of
Nigerian Students.’ See pictures from the
session below.

Courtesy: omojuwa.com

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Saudi Arabia May Move The Tomb Of Prophet Muhammad

Controversial plans have emerged to move the tomb of the Prophet Muhammad,
Islam's second-holiest site.
The Prophet Muhammad, born in 570 AD, is believed by Muslims to be the last of God's prophets to mankind who delivered the religion's final revelation.
His resting place in Medina, Saudi Arabia is visited by millions of Muslims every year and is seen as the second holiest site after the Kaaba, the famous black cubed
building in Mecca.
But it emerged last night that a Saudi academic has put forward contentious plans to have the Prophet's remains moved from the tomb over fears by some scholars that
the site is leading to idolatry.
According to the Independent, a 61-page document has been circulated among the supervisors of the holy site proposing that the Prophet's body be moved to the nearby
al-Baqi cemetery, where it would be interred anonymously.
Dr Irfan al-Alawi, director of the Islamic Heritage Research Foundation, told the newspaper: 'they want to prevent pilgrims from attending and venerating the tomb
because they believe this is "shirq", or idolatry.
'But the only way they can stop people visiting the Prophet is to get him out and into the cemetery.'
Idolatry, known as 'shirq' in the Islamic faith, is the worship of objects or saints and is forbidden in the faith.
There is no suggestion that Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah, who is the site's formal custodian, nor the supervisors of the al-Masjid al-Nabawi mosque, which contains the
tomb, have agreed to the idea.
The Saudi government has previously insisted it treats the development of holy sites with 'the utmost seriousness'.
But it is feared the emergence of plans, which spring from a reform movement known as Wahhabism, could divide Muslims, with both Sunnis and Shias thought to be
Dr Alawi told the Independent: 'The Prophet Muhammad's grave is venerated by the mainstream Sunni, who would never do it. It is just as important for the Shia too,
who venerate the Prophet's daughter, Fatima.
'I'm sure there will be shock across the Muslim world at these revelations. It will cause outrage.'
Violence in Iraq and the rise of the radical Isis, or Islamic State, organisation has already strained tensions between Sunnis and Shias in the region.

Boko Haram : ‘ Bodies litter’ Bamatown – BBC

A lawmaker has told the BBC that bodies littered the
streets of Bama, a northern Nigerian town two days after
it was seized by militant Islamists .
Boko Haram fighters were patrolling the streets of Bama,
preventing people from burying the dead , Ahmed Zanna
said, despite claims by the Borno government that the
town had fallen .
Officials said about 26 , 000 people had been displaced by
fighting in Bama, a key town in the battle for control of
Nigeria ’ s north - eastern Borno state.
Earlier this week , the Nigeria Security Network ( NSN )
think - tank said the group had made “lightning territorial
gains ” in recent months, raising fears that the country
could disintegrate like Syria and Iraq, where the Islamic
State ( IS ) rebel group has declared a caliphate .
‘ Fought gallantly’
Boko Haram has also said it has set up a caliphate in the
areas it controls – it is not clear if the two groups are
allied .
Mr Zanna, a senator in Borno, said the humanitarian
situation in Bama was “ terrible ” and there had been a “ lot
of killings ” in the town .
“ So many bodies litter the streets , and people are not
allowed to even go and bury the dead ones. So the
situation is getting worse and worse , ” Mr Zanna told the
BBC’ s Newsday programme after speaking to a resident
who fled the town .
Boko Haram has captured a string of towns in northern -
eastern Nigeria in recent months, fuelling concern that it
could advance towards the main city , Maiduguri .
Mr Zanna said it would be “ catastrophic ” if Boko Haram
launched an assault on Maiduguri , which has a
population of more than two million.
“ I ’ m begging the government to send more troops and
armoury to Maiduguri , ” he said .
“ Boko Haram do come overwhelmingly because they
recruited en masse in the villages [ in Borno state] , ” he

WONDERS SHALL NEVER END: Groom Dumps Bride At Ikoyi Registry, Escaped With Her Money

Uzor Emmanuel, a 45-year old married man with three
kids played a fast one on a 42-year old lady, Victoria
Adeleye at the Ikoyi Marriage Registry Lagos state,
Southwest Nigeria.
Emmanuel who had proposed to marry Adeleye at the
registry dumped her at the court premises and
disappeared with her N4 million. The wedding was
subsequently called-off following Emmanuel’s
Friends of the couple, who attended the wedding
ceremony were left shell-shocked as marriage officials
cancelled the wedding.
A source told our correspondent that the relationship
between, Adeleye and Emmanuel blossomed after they
met at a church in Isolo.
Unknown to Adelye, Emmanuel was married with three
kids. He told her that he was still single and needed to
marry since he was growing old.
Adeleye who was also eager to get a husband, showed
interest and became an intimate friend with Emmanuel.
Shortly after courtship, Emmanuel proposed to marry her
and she accepted. He reportedly moved into Adeleye’s
flat at Bola Adeyinwa street Aswani, Isolo where they
started living together as a couple without the knowledge
of their pastor and members of the church.
To cover their tracks before the church, Emmanuel
suggested to Adeleye they need to go to court to
consummate the relationship legally.
Adeleye agreed and brought out some money with which
they used to facilitate the marriage but on the day they
were supposed to tie the knot, Emmanuel carried out the
last of his plans.
The duo had arrived the registry with close friends but
while they were waiting for court officials to commence
the ceremony, Emmanuel excused himself and went
outside the registry. From there he fled with her money
and did not return to the hall.
The suspect was later arrested following a tip off. He
then confessed that he had a wife with kids and he was
only interested in Adeleye’s money.
He was charged before Isolo Magistrate’s court for
obtaining under false pretence and stealing under the
Criminal Code.
When he was arraigned, he pleaded not guilty. The
presiding Magistrate, Mrs F.M. Kayode granted him bail in
the sum of N500,000 with two sureties in like sum.
He is remanded in prison custody at Kirikiri, Lagos
pending when he will fulfill his bail condition.
The matter was adjourned till 2 October 2014 for trial.
Police sources said his wife refused to show up to
facilitate his bail, saying what he did to the woman was