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Femi Fani Kayode Igbo Mistress Speaks


Adaobi Uchegbu's Respods to what Femi Kayode Said about her.

I had just finished a meeting in awka,anambra state,about our just concluded ward delegate congress,when my co-ordinator called me. He told me about the article chief fanikayode wrote. Chief fanikayode had written that he was not tribalistic.and then,he went ahead to list a number of prominent women,my name included,as women of igbo extraction,who he had been closely related with.
I met chief fani-kayode at a pdp presidential rally at eagle's square in 2003. And when chief fanikayode became the special assistant to the president on public affairs, i became one of his many aides.
I will not deny the fact that it was in chief fanikayode's office,that i had my first experience in politics. It was in chief fanikayode's office that i learnt the gift of eloquence and public writing. I learnt from chief fanikayode the virtue of being loyal to your boss. And most of all,i learnt the ability to be determined and show love to my country,nigeria.
Armed with some political experience, i immersed myself in the politics of my state,anambra and i contested in anambra state house of assembly in 2011 and thereafter,i also submitted my humble self for the position of the pdp national woman leader last year.
A few of my supporters have told me to condemn,in the strongest terms, the said article. But,i will not do that.
I would rather concentrate on my political activities.
Chief fanikayode is one of the few de-tribalised nigerian that i know of. Chief fanikayode was a former brilliant and hardworking pdp chieftain. And i will always respect that fact. 
Thank you for your patience,in reading this.
From chief(honourable) adaobi kate uchegbu.

RE: "I was not a tribalist when I had a long-standing and intimate relationship with Miss Bianca Onoh, an igbo lady, who later married Colonel Emeka Odumegwu-Ojukwu the leader of Biafra and who is now our Ambassador in Spain. I was not a tribalist when I had a long-standing and intimate relationship with Miss Chioma Anasoh, another igbo lady, who I almost married. I was not a tribalist when I had a long-standing and intimate relationship with Miss Adaobi Uchegbu, another igbo lady, who was exceptionally close to me and who is now a leading figure at the National Headquarters of the ruling PDP." -Femi Fani-Kayode.

Monday, August 12, 2013

No! Pastor Adeboye, Your Approach Is Wrong Sir By Peniel Plus

By Peniel Plus

“Let’s put our minds into any gad***n church, any gad***n mosque, any gad***n Celestical (Celestial), including Sera-FUM (Seraphim) and Cheru-BUM (Cherubim). And you non-Christians, listen to me with open mind”.
 Two nights ago, I took a break from research work, decided to watch news on local television and catch up with goings-on in the polity. After the news, I was not quite enjoying an old movie flick, ‘Broken Arrow’ featuring John Travolta and Christian Slater, being shown on one of the stations and decided to flip to another station. My remote control took me to the 61st Annual Convention of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG) and I was just too happy to catch up with the Convention in my living room. Anointing can be anywhere, if faith is exuded like the Centurion.
Then before sermon, General Overseer of RCCG, Pastor Adeboye made a special announcement. The church is to build a new auditorium, stretching 3km in length and width, and four times the size of the present auditorium, to accommodate many more parishioners, before next year’s convention. Everyone was naturally excited, particularly those who get to camp ground late and cannot  be seated in the present auditorium. Then Pastor Adeboye shocked me with the following pronouncement:
“We need N1 Billion from ten (10) people, If you are one of them, please see my personal Secretary after we finish today. We also need N100million from those who can afford it, if you are in that category, please see my personal Secretary as well. Nonetheless, we need everyone’s involvement. If you can afford N50million, N20million, N5million, N1million to as low as N100, kindly make sure you participate. How many of you will build for the Lord?” All hands naturally went up in delirium.
I could not believe my eyes. I should not bother myself with how a church raises money to finance projects but a dangerous trend is being set and we are made to believe if we cannot ‘donate’ a certain amount of money, we cannot see Daddy G.O.’s personal Secretary. Such ‘privilege’ is for those that can donate handsomely for the work of God. Assuming a rich man in the Convention donates N1Billion effortlessly and a widow, whose next source of meal is unsure, donates her last N100; who among the two should see Pastor Adeboye’s personal Secretary? Well the answer lies in Luke 21:1-4 and Mark 12:41-44, where Jesus Christ acknowledged the poor widow who donated two copper coins (mite) over the rich donors and said “Truly I tell you, this poor widow has put more into the treasury than all the others. They all gave out of their wealth; but she, out of her poverty, put in everything—all she had to live on”.
How do we begin to justify asking members of a congregation to donate such a huge amount of money when poverty is smiling at most of the country’s citizens? The last time they were told to donate generously for the Lord towards a University project, as ordained by God, they all gladly did. The sad thing is atN510,000 per session for College of Humanities (100L & 200L), N520 for Management Science students and N550 for Natural Sciences students; Redeemer’s University is not for a Redeemer whose minimum wage is around N18,000. So they have contributed to a project, believing they are sowing for God, yet cannot send their wards/kids to such schools. Interestingly, many of the Pastors (and church leaders) running private Universities today, all enjoyed free education (absolutely free, including free lunch of Rice and Chicken – every Sunday) under Awolowo’s magnanimity. Education is now for rich members only but poor members are not exempt from donations. Hmmmm!
If the project was for research on AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria, I would not bat an eyelid. If it was for national fight against Polio eradication in Nigeria like the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation in Africa, we would see the immediate benefits. If it was some sort of entrepreneurial aid to jobless youths, we would feel the impact as a nation. In spite of Bill and Melinda Gates contributions to Polio eradication, Nigeria remains the only African country (not Rwanda, not Mali, not Somalia or Sudan) where Polio is endemic and she shares this feat with Pakistan  and Afghanistan. Interestingly, Pakistan reduced the number of polio cases from 198 in 2011 to 56 in 2012; Afghanistan saw a decrease from 80 to 35 during the same period, however, Nigeria increased from 62 in 2011 to 119 in 2012.
In 2013, The Gates foundation committed a fresh $1.8 Billion to the Global Polio Eradication Initiative (GPEI) out of the $5.5 Billion required. Britain contributed $457 million, Canada donated $250 million while $240 million came from Norway. Even the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi, Sheikh Mohammed bin Zayed al-Nahayan donated $120 million. Remarkably, these donations from foreign countries are geared towards solving the Polio scourge in 3 countries, Nigeria included. Foreigners help us to fight major health challenges while our idea of development is in gigantic buildings to be used once or twice a month for religious purposes. Our own priority in Nigeria isowning jets, breaking heads with mace, fighting for 2015 elections and building bigger auditoriums. Is it not clear why we are not developing as a country?
The message I got from the pulpit was clear, concise and profound. It does not matter where the N1 Billion comes from, provided it is donated for God’s work. Ever wonder why it is difficult for Pastors and General Overseers to condemn those who have looted our treasury? Recall when Cecelia Ibru and Erastus Akingbola had front row seats at major religious conventions in Nigeria? Did any Pastor speak against their deeds, like Nathan confronted and condemned King David in 2 Samuel 12? The subtle message is clear: “we need your money for the work of God and it does not matter how you get it”. Those who have sincerely worked hard for their wealth will only donate to worthy causes such as Aliko Dangote did when he announced a relief fund contribution of N2.5 Billion to the relief effort of flood victims in 2012.
So many churches in Nigeria have big auditoriums, yet the level of violence, ethnic hatred, treasury looting and corruption alarmingly increases in a directly proportionate way to the number of churches/mosques available. As a country, we do not need larger auditoriums but men with larger hearts (including me) with genuine love for his/her neighbour. I have been taught to obey and respect authority, more so clergy (that’s why Pastors are ‘gods’ here). I will never say Pastor Adeboye is wrong but in my honest opinion, he chose a wrong approach.
The opening quote is an expression in one of Fela’s songs. If only we can all have open minds, we may yet realise that what we need in Nigeria are religious leaders who can speak out against evil without mincing words. Excuse me please, I have to find my own N1 Billion now, so I can have pastoral access. Shalom!

Femi Fani-Kayode, Lagos, the Igbo and the Misinformed – Shola Adebowale

Femi Fani-Kayode, Lagos, the Igbo and the Misinformed – Shola Adebowale
Femi Fani-Kayode

There was an essay written by one seemingly grossly misinformed Ayokunle Odekunle titled ”A Rejoinder On The Igbos- Of Femi Fani-Kayode’s Ignorance and Proud Display Of It”, that I saw on Comrade Biafra’s Facebook wall and in one or two website magazines yesterday.  So many issues were raised as regards the piece written by Chief Femi Fani-Kayode titled – ”Lagos, the Igbo and the Servants Of Truth” and apparently Ayokunle’s essay was a rather futile attempt at a rejoinder. In my view it fell far short of that and most of what he wrote was nothing but irreverent nonsense and disjointed verbiage.  Since I am not given to being taciturn I only focused on one of his many manifestations of silliness in this very short response.
Under ISSUE 3: He pointed out that Lagos was not developed ‘by the Yoruba money’ but rather ‘that Lagos State was built (from ) oil money’.
Shola Adebowale “There is only one evil-IGNORANCE”,Socrates.
Apparently, any objective observer would know that the writer has an unbridled issue to settle with Femi Fani-Kayode, on a personal level.
Perhaps, it account for the venom that is herein unleashed to address the person and not the issue..and thereby destroyed the thought process of the writer (from making quantitative research before writing such a sensitive piece), all in a blind bid to tackle the writer and not the issue at hand.
Let me just cite one example and rest my case:
Any contemporary student of history of evolution of city-state in Nigeria, knows very well that the following city-states were not developed from oil wealth from fossil fuel – Lagos, Ibadan, Enugu, Aba, Port Harcourt, Calabar, Benin, Sokoto, Kaduna, Jos..etc..these are city-states that had developed first class socio-political and economic wealth with transatlantic and trans-Saharan trade (from oil palm, rubber, groundnut, cocoa, coal, tin, hides and skin etc) even before the Bismarck Berlin Confab’s-scramble and colonization of Africa, with structural ,infrastructure and landmarks, as attestation of being dated beyond 60 years old in the least.
Meanwhile, oil was just discovered first in 1952(Ogogoro), 1956(Oloibiri), both by SPDC and it wont be a money spinner for Nigeria  until 1963(triggered by the paucity of supply in the international market ) during the 6 days war and a major fulcrum of global economy, wealth and power in 1973 (Yom Kippur war).
In other words, such issue like this ,shouldn’t have turned into another issue like the proverbial ‘chicken-and-egg situation’ to know which one comes first ,if and only if ,we are really sincere to stick to simple chronology of history.
Simple logic, any state in Nigeria before 1973 oil wealth is made not from oil wealth..unless we are saying that the super-mega structures like Cocoa House or those in Marina/Broad Streets, Liberty stadium, Ilupeju/Ikeja industrial estates(1st in Africa) etc are less than 40 years, i.e when oil became the main stay of our national economy.
“There is only one good-KNOWLEDG E” Socrates.
I think we have over flogged some of these issues long enough, ignorance ,is the greatest undoing of this nation.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Deportation of Ndigbo: You are empty heads, Joe Igbokwe tells Fashola’s critics

All Progressives Congress (APC) Lagos chieftain, Engr. Joe Igbokwe, has dismissed those scriticising Lagos State Governor Babatunde Fashola over the July 24 deportation of 72 alleged destitute Igbos as cowards and “empty heads shouting from the rooftops.”
Igbokwe, who is the Lagos State Government as General Manager of the Lagos State Infrastructure Maintenance and Regulatory Agency (LASIMRA), dropped the bombshell around 10 O’clock this morning while contributing to an online debate on Yahoo communities such as IgboWorldForum, UmuAnambra, Anambra-WorldForum and NaijaObserver.
The firebrand activist who was heavily criticised for defending the expulsion of the alleged destitute dumped at Onitsha in the wee hours of the morning by officials of the Lagos State Government also berated his Igbo kinsfolk for allegedly not knowing their friends and enemies.
He said that “kidnappings in Lagos are one hundred percent Igbo-driven and yet Gov Fashola has not deported any of them,” adding: “Our people have been involved in armed robbery, 419, drug trafficking, vandalization of street lights cables etc in Lagos and yet Lagos accomodates them.”
Hear him: “My experience with Ndigbo in Lagos will take a book to tell. Our people do not know their enemies. They do not know their friends either. Igbo must have the power of creativity, the power of strategic thinking, power of critical thinking. Igbo are about to repeat the mistakes of the past in the South West. If Ndigbo can attack Gov Fashola the way they have done in the past few days then l can conclude that we do not really know who our friends are. Look at former Gov Orji Uzo Kalu threatening to take Gov Fashola to Court when he could not do anything when his successor threw Igbo in Anambra, Imo, Enugu, and Ebonyi out of Abia Civil Service.
“When a lady Uzoma Okere was brutalized by a Yoruba Naval Officer did any of these empty heads shouting from the rooftops stand up for the young lady? Fashola did! Kidnappings in Lagos are one hundred percent Igbo-driven and yet Gov Fashola has not deported any of them. Our people have been involved in armed robbery, 419, drug trafficking, vandalization of street lights cables etc in Lagos and yet Lagos accomodates them. I can cite some tens of critical interventions Gov Fashola has made on behalf of Ndigbo as someone inside the system. Gov Fashola has reintegrated people with their Kitts and kins in Oyo, Osogbo, some states in the North without too much noise as we see today but Igbo (nkem di iche) must talk without thinking about strategic interest and intelligent objectivity. Dead bodies have been sent severally from a section of the Country in the past three years to Igboland and these Cowards have kept a criminal silence waiting for others to do the job for them. Igbo toy with their destiny.  I suggest that real men and women should take up the challenge of redirecting the way Igbo think and reason.”


Amaechi_niger Delta_bishops
Rivers State Governor and Chairman of Nigeria Governors’ Forum, Rt. Hon. Chibuike Rotimi Amaechi said his perceived misunderstanding with the First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan arose out of his desire to provide a conducive learning environment for the children of Okrika, home town of the First Lady
Amaechi said he has enormous respect for both President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife, Patience.
He spoke when clergymen of the Niger Delta Bishops’ Forum visited him in Government House, Port Harcourt on Friday as part of their efforts mediate in the political crisis in the state. The bishops had some weeks back visited the First Lady and Minister of State for Education Nyesom Wike in Abuja as part of their efforts to resolve the issues
Amaechi said: “My lords, I don’t know what to say, believe me, the only thing I want to say to you is that and I want to be put on record that the wife of the President said when My wife came to beg me, I pushed her away. I have never quarrelled with my wife publicly, and I will never quarrel with my wife publicly. So there is no time I pushed my wife away, and there is no time I will push my wife away. I just want to correct that so that nobody goes away with the impression that somebody told my wife ‘go and talk to your husband, she came and I pushed her away’. No, that day I simply walked away into a bus and I sat down until they finished. So all I did was go back to the bus to enable my wife perform her official function of someone who had received the wife of the President and escort her to all the places she wanted to go to”.
“I hope that it (this mediation) will work. Niger Delta Monarchs came and no result came out of it and since you are men of God I hope that this one God will bless it. I hope so because that is the same way I spoke to them(the monarchs) and they said, ‘watch out, it will work’, and they never returned because it never worked. There are so many persons who had come to mediate but nothing came out of it. If it is peace that everybody wants, I am ready for peace. When you say you are seeking for permission, I am wondering why, because if you did not have the permission you would not have gone to see the wife of the President. The mere fact that you have seen the wife of the President means that you have initiated the peace move, so you don’t require any further approval than the approval of God that you have started with.”
“There are aspects of the story that is public that I need to correct. lord Bishops please allow me correct those ones too because when you spoke with the wife of the President she spoke publicly. She said and I concede to her when she said she is my mother. As wife of the President who is the head of government and head of the nation, she is my mother and you expect that as my mother she should be able to protect her son. No mother takes away a Police Commissioner to the detriment of her son, so when next you see my mother, please tell her that she should try and protect her son.
“The other aspect is the Okrika story when she visited. Like I said, as the governor, by protocol I will receive the President and you know that the President is not just our President, he is the head of the nation but when the wife of the President came I went to receive her at the airport and she slept in Port Harcourt. The next day she came up with a programme that was not part of the official programme, and what was the programme? She wanted her people to receive her in Okrika. There was no plan, there was no protocol arrangement, nothing. We just had to quickly arrange protocol to take her to the place. But to do that we wanted to also show her, as part of her own programme, not our programme, was to show her the projects we had done in Okrika. So we took her to the Rufus Ada-George ring road in Okrika which we started and completed and then somewhere we saw a health centre and a primary school and I said stop, let me show her this health centre. We looked at the health centre and we were satisfied. At the primary school, there were houses around the primary school too close for comfort, no football field, no playground, no space at all around the school and I turned to the wife of the President and said ‘Your Excellency Ma, we have not finished with this building, we would buy the houses that are surrounding the primary school and demolish them’. Once she heard the word ‘demolish’, the wife of the President flared up and took the microphone from me and started all sorts of diatribes that I won’t mention here for the respect i have for the office of the wife of the President. When she finished, I felt that it is wrong to confront the wife of the President publicly. When she finished, I withdrew and walked into the bus. When we got to the ground of the reception which was not part of our programme, which she just included by herself, I came down from the bus and went to sit in one of the primary schools. That is where she said my wife met me and I never and will never, there was not even a public, how did the wife of the President know that my wife met me and I pushed her away when she was supposed to be in a public ceremony. Was she standing with me and my wife in that primary school and saw me pushed my wife away? So it is important that you get to know this and it is important that the public knows that the altercation between myself and the wife of the President was as a result of providing services to her place, the Okrika people because you must deal with the issue of paedophiles. If you build a primary school and the place is surrounded by people who are cooking and selling and buying, that is not a conducive atmosphere for learning and we did not say we would come there with caterpillars and demolish, we say we would buy the houses from the people and pay them off to be able to get a football field and provide playground for the children and fence off the school so that we can protect them from paedophiles, that was what happened.”
Governor Amaechi also spoke on the issue of Nyesom Wike, the Minister of State for Education whom he nominated for appointment as Minister.
“I hear you also visited Nyesom Wike. I try not to talk about Wike. I say so because he is my subordinate, I try not to talk about him but I hear you visited him. Why I won’t talk about him is that Nyesom Wike, his second tenure as Obio Akpor Council Chairman was by the grace of God but I was the architect of that second term. Nyesom Wike was appointed Chief of Staff by me. Nyesom Wike as a Minister of State, I nominated him. I was under pressure by the President to drop him, I refused. The President persuaded me to drop him and bring a woman but I refused. I hear he is going all over town saying I didn’t appoint him. I didn’t appoint him, the President appointed him but I nominated him to be a minister him as the Chairman of Nigeria Governors’ Forum. I did but you know, character doesn’t come easily, character is a very difficult thing and I am a man of character”, Amaechi said.
Earlier, the leader of the delegation, Rt. Rev. James Aye Oruwori said they came because they needed the governor’s permission to intervene in the prolonged crisis in the state and the dispute between the governor and the First Lady.
They said they took the challenge to intervene in the crisis without external influence, having also visited First Lady, Dame Patience Jonathan, to restore the peace that existed in the state.
Rt. Rev. James Aye Oruwori said: “On behalf of the Niger Delta Bishops’ Forum, we came to visit with you (Amaechi). We want to first of all appreciate your gracious approval of our coming. Summarily, to say why we are here, we, before I go into that, let me please say that our coming is not influenced by any person, our coming is not sponsored by any person but because in a home where there are fathers, peace is always maintained and because we have observed that there had been some challenges to the people of Rivers State then to the entire Nigeria, we feel agitated in our spirits.
“It is not an exaggeration to say that we have been praying but then prayer without faith is classified as dead and it is on this note we have taken upon ourselves to make a move to seek for peace. The scripture says precisely in Matthew 5:9 that ‘Blessed are the peacemakers, for they are the children of God”.

“The best thing to do, we felt is to first of all come to you and to say we would want to intervene in this matter believing that there is nothing impossible with God. We just feel that if this matter is allowed to escalate, the matter is something that will not affect only we that are living but even our children that will be born tomorrow”.