Monday, October 13, 2014

Mr Ayedee starts new drug related case with Bola Tinubu as rift with Linda Ikeji ends

Mukhtar Daniyan, an Africa and Middle East Public Policy and Security Expert, popularly known by his Twitter handle @MrAyeDee, and for his lead role in the cyberspace saga that brought down the Linda Ikeji Blog last week, has revealed shocking details about alleged criminal records of APC National Leader and former Lagos State Governor, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu.
He revealed how Tinubu and his wife were once drug barons in the US and alleged that Tinubu is not the APC leader's real name...
Below is the full text of Mr. Daniyan’s post which appeared on his Google + Page

While the world was protesting against Shell Oil and the Abacha Administration for the pollution of the Niger Delta and the hanging of Ken Saro-Wiwa, Bola Tinubu secretly owned and operated a Shell Oil Station in Washington DC.
This is despite the fact that he was a part of NADECO and was publicly involved in condemning Shell Oil and the Abacha administration.
Indeed, Bola Tinubu is a shining example of a person who has extremely low moral turpitude. In my 20+ years of observing his operations, I realized long ago that if he has to choose between personal profit and doing the right thing, the former always wins.
Speaking of, as much fun as we make of Buruji Kashamu for being wanted in the USA for Heroin distribution, Bola Tinubu and his wife, Remi, were also involved in the distribution of that drug in the late 80s, early 90s.
Their career in the drug trade was cut short when they were apprehended by the US government.
To get off the hook, Bola (who was then a Senator in Nigeria) and Remi Tinubu struck a deal with Federal Prosecutors where they turned state’s evidence and forfeited the bulk of the assets they got from the narcotics trade. In exchange their criminal records were sealed, and all that was left was the civil forfeiture of assets judgement.
Below is part of that judgement:
1:93-cv-04483 USA v. Acct 263226700, et al
John A. Nordberg, presiding
Cause: 21:0881 Forfeiture of Property (Cause 21:881 means the property is forfeited because it was acquired through the distribution of drugs)
MINUTE ORDER of 10/4/93 by Hon. John A. Nordberg: Counsel for the plaintiff appeared. Enter Decree of Forfeiture as to funds held by First Heritage Bank.
It is ordered that the funds in the amount of $460,000 in account 263226700 held by First Heritage Bank in the name of Bola Tinubu are forfeited to the United States pursuant to 21 USC 881(a)(6) and 18 USC 981.
It is ordered that First Heritage Bank shall issue a check in the amount of $460,000 payable to Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago terminating case Mailed notice (fce).
Of course I need not go into the issue of Bola Tinubu’s real identity, his birth name isn’t even “Tinubu” for starters, nor do I need to rehash the issue of his falsified tertiary academic records.
Mr. Daniyan was not done yet. He carried on with a set of tweets targeted at Tinubu. He tweeted from his Twitter handle @MrAyeDee as follows with the corresponding images:
“For those who want to access Tinubu’s case history, I am about to give a primer on exactly what you need to do. Coming up in a few minutes.”
“Firstly go to the United States Public Access to Court Electronic Records (PACER) site “

Saturday, October 4, 2014

Have you read the Inspiring Story of the Celebrated Taxi Driver who returned N18million 8yrs ago?!

By now you must have read about Mr Imeh Usuah, the Taxi Driver who returned the N18million that was forgotten in his car by one of his passengers.
He carried out the act in 2007 and he has been rewarded with a national honour. The father of six, Mr. Imeh Usuah, was one of those that received the national honour as a Member of the Federal Republic last week, he was also given plots of land in Abuja.
Read his inspiring story below:

“It was one morning by 5.30 AM, in November, 2007, when British Airways (BA), landed at the international wing of the airport in Abuja. As usual, I positioned myself from metres away from the arrival wing waiting for passengers to come out so that I can get my customers and take them where ever they want to go inside town.
“In my waiting position I saw these two white men who came with the British airways. From distance I could observe that they were obviously tired from their look. They beckoned on me requesting for a drop at the Hilton Transcorp Hotel in Maitama area in Abuja.
“I didn’t waste time as I immediately put some of their bags into the boot of my cab and the remaining ones neatly arranged on the back seat and underneath the seats, and off I headed for the destination. 
“I arrived at the hotel lounge within 45 minutes and dropped them with their luggage. I got paid N,4000 for my service and I zoomed off, but unknown to both of us there was a bag which contained this huge amount of money left behind tucked away underneath my seat.”
“I decided to take the cab for washing as my usual practice after the day’s work, and while I was removing the foot mats in a bent down position, I saw this brown suite case tucked underneath the driver’s seat. Immediately I remembered the passengers I had carried for the day and I started thinking of who really among them could have forgotten the suitcase. Instinctively I knew it was one of the many bags belonging to those chaps I took to Transcorp Hilton. Even though I didn’t open the suitcase, I sensed at that hour that it must at least contain some valuable items. 
My immediate response was to inform our association chairman at that time, Mr. Alex Ekwueme Udom. I told him what happened and that I was returning the bag to the owners.”
He continued: “By the time I met these guys, the owners of the bag at the hotel, they were standing at the hotel lobby confused, dejected and frustrated. They couldn’t even recognise me as the cab driver that brought them from the airport and shockingly they didn’t know the number of taxi. But, I could recognise them. 
“These people could not believe their eyes. Their confused state disappeared, and they were so happy that they went on their knees thanking me for returning the bag. They requested for my GSM numbers and in a twinkle of an eye, I disappeared from the scene,” he said.
“I did it to let people know, especially the foreigners that Nigerians are good and great people. I can go hungry for days, for as long as my integrity remains, hunger will disappear by itself.”

Divorce Drama: Ini Edo's in-laws rebuke her for denying "cheaing' reports on twitter

And the divorce drama gets messier....:(
A few days ago, Ini Edo took to twitter to confirm she is divorcing her hubby Phillip Ehiagwina, she however recited “irreconcilable differences” as the reason for the divorce and denied claims she had cheated on her husband.
Well, relatives & friends of her soon to be ex husband are calling her out…saying she’s lying about being faithful.

The close relative of Phillip Ehiagwina told PulseNG thus:
Ini Edo should shut up about the marriage crash because with the way she is going by trying to paint Phillip as the wrong party, we may be forced to open her can of worms and it will not be palatable to her and her career.
I can tell you that Ini Edo is a serial cheat who played the field behind her husband’s back for the duration of their marriage.  Is she going to deny she was dating one Island big boy whose girlfriend organised her friends to beat her up and  injured her?

Another family source said,
Bros, I can tell you that Ini Edo is not as innocent as she is trying to make people believe or think. We caught her on more than three occasion with three different men and she always begged us to forgive her.
We can even mention some of the men she had affairs with including a South-South governor whose wife embarrassed her and ordered her security to send her out of the governor’s guest house in the state capital. She should dare us and we will mention the name of the governor on the pages of newspapers.

A close friend of Phillip also spilled saying,
Did she tell you how Phillip embarrassed her in front of her people when he went to collect his bride price? He told her people the kind of adulterous daughter they have and how she had been cheating on him right from the first day they were married.
In fact, he did not want to collect the bride price but her people begged him to collect it as that would free her to get married to another man in the future.

Oh well! Apparently, this people obviously don’t like her & they are determined to drag her name through the mud!

Source: Kemi Filani

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Omg!!! Ini Edo’s Marriage Crashes, Family Returns Bride Price


First, it was news about Tiwa Savage and hubby, Teebillz,and now, it is our beautiful actress, Ini Edo. Kemi Filani has revealed that the wedding of the Nigerian actress who STARTED her acting career in the year 2000 has ended.

The marriage which was contracted in 2008 was said to have ended five weeks ago. The actress who has featured in more than 50 movies since the beginning of her career is said to be beaten by her
husband all the time because she allegedly cheats on him.

Kemi Filani made it known that the groom’s family also added to the whole show because  the endowed actress Ini Edo didn’t bear a child. They have however made sure that the bride’s family returned the earlier bride PRICE that was paid at the inception of the lifetime commitment.

the Nollywood actress and her American based hubby Phillips Ehiagwina have split and gone their separate ways, Ini is said to be releasing a press statement soon to that effect, but right now she is in Markudi shooting a movie.


It would be recalled that just recently, Nollywood actor, Desmond Elliot asked fans to pray for the actress who is a Theatre Arts graduate of the University of Calabar to get pregnant before the end of the year.

This is certainly not the best season for our celebrities....

Oh No! Tiwa Savage Packs Out Of Teebillz' House?

Emenike Threatens To Quit Super Eagles If......

N199m cocaine concealed in perfumes, capacitors

 “Daniel Marvin, with Nigerian Passport Number A05545613, was arrested during the inward screening of passengers on an Emirate Airline flight from Dubai. He was found in possession of 7.580kg of cocaine hidden inside capacitors.
“The second suspect, Akubuo Victor was found in possession of 5.750kg of cocaine hidden inside perfumes. Both suspects were coming from Brazil when they were arrested.”
Twenty-nine years old Marvin, a trader from Abia State, during interrogation, claimed that he was introduced into drug trafficking by his childhood friend.
According to him, “I am a young man searching for business breakthrough. In the process, my friend told me that I could earn half a million naira by just going to Brazil.
“Aside that, he told me that they would buy my return ticket and that all I needed to do was to bring in cocaine. He assured that the drugs will never be detected because of the way it was packed.
“I succeeded in passing all routes from Brazil. Unfortunately, the drug was detected by NDLEA officers during search at Abuja Airport.”
On his part, 26-year-old Favour Victor, said: “I am a trader in Anambra State. But at a point, business started dwindling and I needed to revive it.
“I was lured into drug trafficking by a friend who promised to pay me N500,000. The drug was hidden inside new perfume containers.
“I was told that it was a new method that will never be detected. But it was uncovered by the NDLEA officers,” said the father of two.
Commenting on the arrest, Chairman/Chief Executive of the NDLEA, Ahmadu Giade, assured that the agency would continue to frustrate activities of drug barons through superior intelligence.
He said: “These arrests and seizures are products of superior counter-narcotic strategies.
“The agency is prepared and deeply committed to the eradication of drug trafficking cartels through similar intelligence driven operation.
 Source: Vanguard

‘Be prepared to support Atiku, others for Presidency’ – Buhari tells supporters

All Progressives Congress Presidential ticket contender, Gen. Muhammadu Buhari (retd) has told his supporters to be prepared to rally behind other APC candidates that may clinch the ticket in the upcoming primaries.
“I intend to offer myself for the position of the president of the republic on the platform of our great party; I intend to make a formal announcement soon”, Buhari said.
“I hope I can count on your continuing support and sacrifice. However, I would like to point out to you that, to be more meaningful, your support must extend beyond my person and always be available to the party and all those that the party puts forward; because it is the party that is the platform”.
“It is the primaries that will determine who eventually represents the party in which capacity. If I get the party nomination, I expect you will redouble your effort and commitment until we clinch the presidency”, he added.
“But in the event that it happens to be one of the other aspirants who wins, I will expect you as good party men to extend to him your total support. We are a united party and united we shall remain because our strength lies in our unity.
“My supporters must not engage in any behaviour or conduct that will tarnish the image of any leader or promote division and rancour within the ranks of the party. Whoever does that should know he or she is working for the enemy”.

Source: The Herald.