Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Many Dead, Dozens Injured In Lagos Fireworks Explosion

An explosion in a warehouse has sparked a major fire in Lagos, Nigeria's largest city and commercial capital.
The country's emergency services said a fireworks store in the busy market area of Lagos Island exploded, and the blaze quickly spread to other buildings.
The blast reportedly shook windows of homes miles away and a thick cloud of smoke could be seen over the island.
People were seen with shrapnel wounds some distance from the fire and it is quite likely anyone closer would have been worse affected.
12 persons, it was said, were feared dead and a dozen others injured.
As at press time, officials of the Lagos State Emergency Management Agency (LASEMA), fire service, police, Nigerian Security Civil and Defence Corps (NSCDC) and others had visited the scene for rescue operations

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

UPDATE: FG Cancels Controversial Immigration Recruitment

The Federal Government yesterday cancelled the controversial recruitment being done by the Nigerian Immigration Service following reports of slanted distribution of job slots as well as failure to advertise the vacancies.

Daily Trust reported in its edition of yesterday that the Immigration service has been conducting a secret recruitment exercise that allegedly favoured the Southeast, just three months to the exit of Controller General Mrs. Rose Chinyere Uzoma.

In a statement in Abuja yesterday, the Interior Ministry ordered that the exercise be canceled “until a more transparent, acceptable” procedure is adopted.

“Minister of Interior Comrade Abba Moro has directed the cancellation of the ongoing recruitment exercise in the Nigeria Immigration Service,” a statement by the minister’s spokesman Ubong George Udoh said.

“(The) Minister stated that following apparent controversy trailing the ongoing recruitment exercise in Nigeria Immigration Service, the responsible thing to do is to cancel the exercise until a more transparent, acceptable and effaceable platform is established to enlist qualified Nigerians into the service.

“Comrade Moro directed further that all appointment letters issued and documentations carried out stand cancelled, until the Civil Defence, Immigration and Prisons Service Board, meet to consider the waivers granted Nigeria Immigration service to recruit men and women into the service.

“Finally the Honorable Minister has also directed that forthwith all recruitment into the services of the Federal Fire Service, Nigerian Prisons Service, Nigeria Immigration Service and Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps are suspended until a more transparent exercise based on already established guidelines before such requirements will be conducted.”

Yesterday’s cancellation of the recruitment came on the heels of a probe opened by the House of Representatives Committee on Federal Character which had also asked the Immigration service to suspend the exercise.

Daily Trust reported yesterday that Uzoma appeared before the House committee last week to defend accusations of failure to publicly advertise vacancies and giving undue favouritism to the Southeast.

She told the lawmakers that the service did not advertise the jobs so as not to unknowingly employ terrorists, but the lawmakers reminded her that even the Military and Police are advertising their vacancies in spite of the prevailing insurgency.

She also said she had already obtained approval from the Head of Service of the Federation to employ 4,560 people.

The House committee found out that out of the over 25,000 existing Immigration staff, Uzoma’s husband’s state of origin Imo has the highest number with 1,190; Kano has 350; Lagos has 400; while Sokoto has the least with 200.

In the now cancelled recruitment exercise, Uzoma had offered hundreds of job slots to top government functionaries, including the Presidency which is offered 250 slots, Jonathan’s mother 40 slots, First Lady 100 slots, Interior Minister Abba Moro 100 slots, two commissioners of the Immigration board 30 slots each, and the Federal Character Commission 250 slots.

A source said the Federal Character Commission was given those job slots for giving the Immigration service waiver on the advertisement of the vacancies, but the commission’s spokesman Usman Jimada denied any wrongdoing.

Spokesman for the Immigration service Mr. Olumbar Joachim said on Sunday he was not aware of the Presidency getting offers to fill certain vacancies but added that there was nothing wrong with the Presidency or other officials making recommendations to the service.

Kidnappers Threatened Nkiru Sylvanus Family That They Would Impregnate Her

Nkiru Sylvanus kidnap
Fresh facts are emerging with regards to thekidnap of Nkiru Sylvanus:
“Initially, the family paid N7million to the kidnappers and the police who laid ambush swooped on them at the point of collection and recovered the money that was locked in the trunk of their car as they escaped…
“After we returned the money to the family, they went behind us and paid N8milliom to the kidnappers. Surprisingly I saw Nkiru in my office after she was released, and I was told they paid N8million to secure her release”.
Those were the words of the Imo State Commissioner of Police, Baba Adisa Bolanta, while frowning at the decision of the actress’ family to pay ransom to her kidnappers against police warnings.
However, from what credible sources said, the Police boss didn’t really understand Nkiru’s predicament in the hands of her abductors. They said her family was forced to defy the police and pay ransom to the kidnappers “when the issue of defilement came in”.
The kidnappers allegedly “tampered” with Nkiru and even threatened her family that they would impregnate her if the ransom was not paid “immediately”. At this stage, the sources said, the actress family was no longer sure the Police could rescue her unhurt, hence they paid N8million.
At the moment only a few persons know about the rape angle of the kidnap saga. More details coming..

Monday, December 24, 2012

Recruitment scandal hits Immigration

A controversial recruitment exercise which allegedly favoured a section of the country is going on at the Nigerian Immigration Service with jobs slots being secretly allocated to top government officials, sources told Daily Trust.

This is happening just three months to the exit of Controller General of the service Mrs. Rose Chinyere Uzoma, who is accused of favouring her kinsmen from the Southeast in the distribution of the vacancies.
A source in the House of Representatives said already the committee on Federal Character has opened investigations and asked the Immigration service to suspend the exercise.
The source said Uzoma appeared before the House committee last week to defend accusations of failure to publicly advertise vacancies and giving undue favouritism to the Southeast.
Uzoma, according to the source, told the lawmakers that the service did not advertise the jobs so as not to unknowingly employ terrorists, but the lawmakers reminded her that even the Military and Police are advertising their vacancies in spite of the prevailing insurgency.
She also said she had already obtained approval from the Head of Service of the Federation to employ 4,560 people.
The committee therefore asked her to provide details of the present distribution of the Immigration work force based on state of origin.
A committee member said they found out that out of over 25,000 Immigration staff, Uzoma’s husband’s state of origin Imo has the highest number with 1,190; Kano has 350; Lagos has 400; while Sokoto has the least with 200.
The committee therefore ordered her to stay action on the recruitment until she provides details on how she intends to share out the slots, but with priority to be given to the states that at present have low representation in the service.
Daily Trust learnt that before the lawmakers tried to pull the brakes, Uzoma had already offered hundreds of job slots to top government functionaries, including the Presidency which is offered 250 slots, Jonathan’s mother 40 slots, First Lady 100 slots, Interior Minister Abba Moro 100 slots, two commissioners of the Immigration board 30 slots each, and the Federal Character Commission 250 slots.
A source said the Federal Character Commission was given those job slots for giving the Immigration service waiver on the advertisement of the vacancies.
Presidential spokesman Reuben Abati did not respond to text a message sent to him asking for his comments on the alleged offers of Immigration job slots to the Presidency and Jonathan’s mother and wife.
For its part, the Federal Character Commission, through its spokesman Usman Jimada, denied being compromised by the Immigration Service. Jimada added that the commission will continue to pursue its mandate of fair and equitable recruitment in a manner that is transparent and beneficial to all Nigerians.
When asked for comments, spokesman for the Immigration service Mr. Olumbar Joachim said he was not aware of the Presidency getting offers to fill certain vacancies but added that there was nothing wrong with the Presidency or other officials making recommendations to the service.
“I am not aware of that and I don’t think it is correct,” he said, adding: “But for the Presidency giving recommendations, it is a different thing. Assuming that you, you know this person is of good character and all that, it’s a different thing. You are recommending somebody; it is not as if it is mandatory that that person would have to be recruited. What it means is that you are saying this person is not a criminal, you are saying that this person is a Nigerian.”
Joachim also denied that the CG is recruiting massively from her state of origin Abia and her husband’s state Imo. He said the exercise was open to scrutiny from the Federal Character Commission since it is mandatory that every state filled its quota.
“You cannot say madam is from Abia her husband is from Imo, Immigration is recruiting 1500 now Imo is producing 500; it is not possible anybody will ever do that,” he added.
He said all state controllers of Immigration were involved in the recruitment exercise.
Joachim said also the service introduced stringent vetting measures including having a guarantor to ensure it does not admit criminals, referring to a recent incident where an Immigration officer was arrested on suspicion of being a Boko Haram member.
“One thing is certain, the service will not engage in any exercise that will endanger the lives of innocent Nigerians. Two, considering the situation we are in now we will go the extra mile to ensure that criminals and terrorists are not brought into the service,” he added.
‘This cannot stand’
When Daily Trust contacted chairman of the House of Representatives Committee on Federal Character, Rep. Ahmed Idris (ACN, Plateau), he said they have opened investigations into the “illegal” recruitments in the Immigration service.
“We have met twice with the Comptroller General, the last was on Saturday and she told us that they are recruiting 4,500 new officers out of which 1,200 is for senior cadres or degree holders while about 300 is for Diploma and secondary school leavers,” he said.
“Based on the reports we got, we have asked for their nominal roll and her last recruitment which will be given in a template that will reflect state by state distribution and even local governments. Section 4 of the 1999 constitution is very clear about Federal character in every government organisation and we won’t allow anybody who violates it to go scot-free.”
On whether the committee will reverse the recruitment, Idris said: “Certainly we will not only reverse it but we will go further and apply for their prosecution for perpetuating illegality.”

Ajigijaga 53years marries 26 YR-OLD LADY

Muftua Adio a.k.a. Ajigijaga
When Muftua Adio a.k.a. Ajigijaga, a 53 year old actor send wedding invites to friends with the toast ‘Some say it’s too early, some say it’s too late. But to God Almighty this is the appointed time and it is marvelous in our sights’’ little the people know that he really meant business.
Why people were wondering about this holy union between the two is simply because the couple walking down the aisle -Taiwo Hassan (26) and Ajigijaga in his early 50s is many years in age apart. At the wedding that took place November 24, 2012 in Sango Ota, Lagos, people kept asking why the young girl should marry a man almost the age of her father. But beautiful Taiwo did not give a hoot about whatever any one says or thinks.
She was indifferent to the fact that her actor husband has children who are age mates. Speaking before and shortly after their celebrated marriage, Ajigijaja said,” The issue of age is nothing here. What we have in common and that is abounding is love. Though I have other children from my former wife whom I did not actually marry legally, my new wife means the whole world to me. This is my first time of getting married in life. I love her and she loves me, that is all that counts. It`s about love, not age.”

Story by NigeriaFilm

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Nollywood Star, Nkiru Sylvanus RELEASED.

The Kidapped Nollywood actress and special Aide to the Imo state Governor, Ms Nkiru Sylvanus has been released along with his male companion in Owerri.

Nkiru Sylvanus was kidnapped last Sunday along Concorde Hotel and Stella Maris Church area of Owerri city, on their way to another filming site. more details coming soon!


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Fire Reported At Murtala Muhammed International Airport In Lagos-PUNCH

Smoke billowing out of the airport building earlier today
By Punch newspaper, Lagos
An electrical fire was on Thursday morning reported at the Murtala Muhammed International Airport, Ikeja, Lagos.
An eyewitness said the fire emanated from some cables, which apparently melted under heat, as some welders were working at the extension of ‘D’ Wing of the international airport.
Airport officials swiftly cut off power supply to the arrival and departure halls, in order to forestall any untoward development and isolated the scene of the spark.
Billows of smoke were observed rising to the sky from behind the arrival hall.
Fire fighters were also deployed in the affected area and were able to put the situation under control.
Securitymen also erected a metal barricade around the site.
Power supply was restored to the airport terminal within a few minutes.
Flight operations were, however, not affected while the incident lasted.
In a separate incident, a cargo plane blew off the roof of a parking lot at the airport on Wednesday night, causing damage to some cars.
The extent of damage has yet to be ascertained.

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nigerian Man Caught With Fake Passport At Uk Airport

You cannot do but to watch this video you see to what extent Nigerians are despirate to travel Please Watch

Sunday, December 16, 2012


NOLLYWOOD Actress, Nkiru Sylvanus who is also Special Assistant to Governor Rochas Okorocha on Lagos Affairs, was on Sunday kidnapped in Owerri.

It was learnt that the abductors have established contact and were said to be demanding N100 millon ransom.

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Latest Update on Nelson Madela's Health 15/12/2012

Nelson Mandela’s gallstones removed in successful operation

Former South African president undergoes surgery after recovering from lung infection, government says
South Africa’s former president Nelson Mandela has undergone successful surgery to remove gallstones as he recovers from a lung infection.
Doctors treating Mandela waited to perform the endoscopic surgery as they wanted to first attend to his lung ailment, the presidential spokesman Mac Maharaj said in a statement on Saturday.
“The procedure was successful and Madiba is recovering,” Maharaj said, using Mandela’s clan name, Guardian of London reports.
Mandela has been in hospital since December 8.
The former African National Congress leader largely retired from public life after serving one five-year term as president and has lived a mostly private life since.
He last made a public appearance when his country hosted the 2010 World Cup football tournament. He won the Nobel peace prize in 1993 with FW de Klerk, the last president of apartheid South Africa.
Mandela was admitted last week to a hospital in South Africa’s capital, Pretoria. However, government officials have contradicted themselves in recent days about Mandela’s location, which has sparked rumours about his health.
The 94-year-old has a history of lung problems, having contracted tuberculosis in 1988 toward the end of his 27 years in prison.
Doctors said at the time the disease caused no permanent damage to his lungs but others say tuberculosis can cause problems years later.
He had an acute respiratory infection in January 2011. After the chaos that surrounded his stay at a public hospital then, the South African army took charge of his care and the government managed information about his health.

BREAKING NEWS: Governor Yakowa Of Kaduna, Former NSA Azazi Dead In Helicopter Crash

Governor Patrick Yakowa of Kaduna State and former National Security Adviser Andrew Owoye Azazi apparently died in a helicopter that crashed today in Bayelsa State, a reliable source has told SaharaReporters.
Governor Yakowa and Mr. Azazi, a retired military general who served as chief security adviser to President Goodluck Jonathan, were among passengers in the ill-fated helicopter.
Nigeria's National Emergency Management Authority (NEMA) had earlier indicated that the agency had activated a search for a crashed helicopter.
Our sources had earlier disclosed that the crashed chopper was carrying “some major political figures.” As at the time of going to press, Saharareporters was unable to confirm the identity of any other passengers in the ill-fated chopper.
Governor Yakowa and Mr. Azazi were among many political figures who reportedly attended the burial of the father of senior presidential aide Oronto Douglas. The funeral event took place in the Nembe area of Bayelsa State earlier today.  SaharaReporters learnt that the crashed helicopter was one of several helicopters that some well-connected people to the funeral.
The crash comes on the heels of a plane crash on October 25, 2012 that has left Governor Danbaba Suntai of Taraba State brain-damaged. Mr. Suntai was moved to a hospital in Germany where he remains in poor shape, unable to recognize his visitors or to speak.

Sahara Reporter

Amosun wants me in jail at all cost- Gbenga Daniel:

A Former Ogun State Governor, Gbenga Daniel, on Friday told the High Court in Abeokuta that his successor, Ibikunle Amosun, wants him jailed at all cost.

Mr. Daniel is being prosecuted by the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, EFCC for mismanaging N200 million of state funds while he was governor (2003-2011).

However, at the resumed hearing, counsel to the accused, Tayo Oyetibo, while asking for the quashing of counts 1 to 13 preferred against his client, told the Abeokuta High Court that the Ogun State Government was vilifying Mr. Daniel by setting up a commission of enquiry to probe land administration under the former governor.

He argued that Mr. Amosun’s administration did that while at the same time giving the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, (EFCC), the fiat to try him for the same offence.

Mr. Oyetibo, a Senior Advocate of Nigeria, said that by not waiting for the conclusion of the criminal procedure and hurriedly setting up a commission of enquiry, issuing a white paper on its findings and giving it wide publicity, the government of Ogun State has put the court in a very difficult situation.

He further argued that the action showed that the Government was in a hurry to try and convict the respondent.

Mr. Oyetibo said since the report of the commission had already been widely published and publicised, it has put the court at the risk of condemnation whichever way it exercises its discretion on the charges in contention.

He said it would also deny Mr. Daniel fair hearing because the commission’s report and the white paper issued by the government has heightened public condemnation of the respondent.

The counsel said by setting up the commission, accepting and publishing its finding via a white paper, the Ogun State Government wants to send a message to the court that it has no option than to follow suit.

He said the Ogun State Government; the victim of the alleged crime as well as the principal complainant, by its action has perverted the legal process when the criminal procedure was still ongoing.

The lawyer said the action of the government was therefore a deviation from established legal norms and therefore urged the court to strike out the charges, stay proceedings on them, or adjourn proceedings in the interest of fair hearing and acceptable legal norms.

The counsel to EFCC, Rotimi Jacobs, countered by arguing that the Ogun State Government was not a party to the proceedings and as such could not have committed any contempt.

He said the commission of enquiry was set up in pursuant to the powers of state and the publicity given to the white paper would not affect the ongoing procedure at the High Court.

The judge, Olanrewaju Mabekoje, after listening to the counsels fixed January 8, 2013 for ruling on the application for the quashing of the charges. (Premium Times)

Friday, December 14, 2012

News Flash: Taraba Governor's Wife Delivers Twins.

Governor Danbaba Suntai of Taraba state's wife has delivered a set of bouncing twins according to a German Hospital Spokesperson.

Governor Suntai was involved in a plane crash last month, when his Private Jet crashed in Yola, leaving him with serious head injuries.
I pray they both get back home safe as information has it that they are doing fine, am baffled if husband was flown abroad for treatment the wife too have to be flown for delivery at whose expense? God bless our country.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Pastor Tunde Bakare's son & NYSC commandant trade slaps in NYSC Ondo camp


Story written by Stella Dimoko Korkus for Encomium Magazine

It was with tension and on edge that those who witnessed this exchange of slaps whisper this gist. According to them, 'coloured trousers had been banned within the camp and the camp commandant spotted Pastor Tunde Bakare's son, Segun Bakare in black trousers. When apprehended, the lad asked the commandant if he didn't know he was the son of Tunde Bakare, the popular preacher. The commandant immediately delivered a slap on the face of the young man and Segun replied with his own slap.

Segun's mum had given the commandant a number to call when she dropped off her son in camp, so immediately this incident occurred, the commandant called Mrs Bakare and after a few words, the phone was handed to Pastor Tunde Bakare himself. After hearing what had happened, Pastor Bakare asked that his son be disciplined for disobeying camp rules. The phone was on speaker and Segun heard his father's instructions and as soon as the phone call ended, he went down on his knees and started begging. The matter has since been resolved.

Linda Ikeji's Blog

Breaking News: Guardiola to replace Wenger as Arsenal coach

Except the unexpected happens, former all-conquering Barcelona coach, Pep Guardiola, will replace Arsene Wenger as Arsenal’s coach next year. Though Wenger, 63, is under contract through the end of the 2013-14 season, indications are that he may not last beyond the current football season in view of Arsenal’s declining fortunes under his watch.   
News Express reports that Wenger seems to be losing the confidence of both his players and the rest of the technical crew. A number of first team players including Lukas Podolski and Santi Cazorla are reportedly baffled by Wenger’s tactics, team selection, and failure to adequately replace erstwhile captain Robin van Persie, who has proved to be an instant hit at Manchester United.
Meanwhile, Wenger’s training methods and relationship with Steve Bould, his new assistant, have been called into question following the embarrassment of Tuesday’s Capital One Cup defeat against League Two side Bradford City, according to reports from England.
Yesterday, the Frenchman came under more pressure following the revelation by Guardiola that he would be willing to manage Arsenal next year. As reported by “Representatives of the former Barcelona manager have let it be known to the north London club that he would be very keen to be considered for the manager’s job if it was to become available next year. Guardiola’s preference in England is Arsenal.”
The 41-year-old Guardiola (see photo) stepped down as Barcelona manager at end of last season, citing burnout and a need to “recharge his batteries” at the end of a highly successful four years in charge. He is presently enjoying a one-year sabbatical, living in New York City, USA, with his family. Among big European clubs reported to be on his trail are Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, AC Milan, Bayern Munich, and Paris Saint-Germain.
Source News Express

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

(Photo) New look of our first lady after suggery

President Jona and the first lady, thanks to german hospital you can see the new face of our first lady looking sixteen at the burial event of brother Meni Jonathan in Otueke,Bayelsa state

(Photo) Unbelievable – Dead Man Wakes up at his own Funeral

A man has shocked his family by interrupting his own funeral. Police in Sao Paulo had phoned 41-year-old Gilberto Araujo’s family on Sunday to say he had been murdered.
His brother, Jose , traveled to the city morgue and identified a body as being Gilberto, a car washer. Jose  took the body to his mother’s home in the town of Alagoinhas where a wake was held, only for Gilberto to wake up at his funeral.
When he appeared in front of his family, Gilberto said: “Guys, I’m alive, pinch me!” according to local newspaper . His mother, shopkeeper Maria , said some of those attending the wake fainted while others fled.  Im sure it was a site to behold,seeing a dead man rise from is coffin.

Obasanjo's 2015 Reconciliation Continues as He Woos Aregbesola in Possible Attempt to Upstage Tinubu

Obasanjo's 2015 Reconciliation Continues as He Woos Aregbesola in Possible Attempt to Upstage Tinubu

That former President Olusegun Obasanjo has been mending political fences with  his hitherto political foes is now an open secret. Only last month, he used the launching of the Bay'tus Salam mosque within his presidential library complex to reconcile with the North which has felt aggrieved with the former President over what they perceived as his betrayal during the 2011 elections.

And reconcile with the North he did as the event was attended lavishly by the who is who of Northern Nigeria. The Master of Ceremony was the Sokoto state governor, Aliyu Magatakarda Wamakko, and  three other governors from the Northwest were physically present including Ibrahim Shema (Katsina), Rabiu Kwankwaso (Kano) and Usman Dakingari of KebbiState.

Governors who could not make the event  such  as the governors of  Adamawa, Niger , Kaduna , Zamfara, Kogi ,Kwara also donated N20 million each  for the construction of the mosque. Atiku Abubakar, his former vice used the occasion to reconcile with him and donated 5 million as did the Central Bank Governor, Sanusi Lamido Sanusi, who had insulted him in September as a bad economist.

After the event Obasanjo proceeded on a tour of the Southeast ostensibly on the invitation of chief Emmanuel Iwuanyawu, who is in the running for the job of Chairman of the People's Democratic Party (PDP) board of trustees.

From the Southeast Obj as he is fondly called visited the North.

But yesterday, thee former President was in enemy territory when he visited the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) controlled State of Osun ostensibly to placate warring groups in Orile-Owu who are feuding over the selection of a new Olowu of Orile-Owu. Orile-Owu in Osun state is the ancestral home of the Owus and Obasanjo is an Owu Yoruba.

While in Osun state Obasanjo was warmly received by the Osun state governor, Rauf Aregbesola, and confessed that he was "flabbergasted and ambushed" by the reception he received from the governor.

In receiving Obasanjo, the governor mobilized the top hierarchy of the state government to the reception including his deputy, Otunba Titi Laoye-Tomori; Secretary to the State Government Moshood Adeoti; Chief of Staff Gboyega Oyetola and the Acting State Chairman of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN), Elder Adebiyi Adelowo.

Obasanjo, an arch enemy of Bola Tinubu, the leader of the ACN, was then invited to unveil a statue of the late Afenifere Leader and former Governor of the Old Oyo State, Chief Bola Ige, which had been erected at the front of the Governor’s Office.

Of recent, there have been reports that some ACN governors had been experiencing issues with Tinubu over his overbearing nature and already it appears that he has fallen out with the governor of Obasanjo's home state, Senator Ibikunle Amosun who has since mended fences with Obasanjo as the two meet often and sometimes in private. There have not been reports that Amosun meets as often and in private with Tinubu.

Given the former President's penchant for dominating his environment, the import of his visit to Osun and the powerful and welcoming reception he was accorded by the state government is not lost on political pundits who are likely to see him as encroaching on Tinubu's territory as 2015 draws near.

Monday, December 10, 2012

Union Bank secretly lays off 1000 contract staff

The Management of Union Bank of Nigeria Plc. on Friday laid off not less than 1000 contract staff nationwide.
The is the second time the financial institution is doing such within a space of 13 months.

The decision which took the disengaged workers by surprise, was communicated to them at the close of work last Friday.

A source at the Dopemu branch of the Bank in Lagos who spoke to DailyPost on the condition of anonymity said: “It is quite depressing. They fired those of us that are Tellers but some marketers survived the axe. I received the news with great shock. How can they do this to us at this period when the festive season is fast approaching?” she queried.

Asked if any compensation was paid, the disheaterned mother of one said: “I got an alert of N75, 000 this morning. I guess others got something in that range. I served them for five years and the best pay back I get is a sack letter two weeks to Christmas”

On her next line of action, the source in a shaky voice said: “What can I do? I will re-write my CV and go back to the labour market. I stay at home for years before I got this job, I just pray there won’t be repeat now that I have to start all over. It’s really sad.”

DailyPost gathered that Union Bank already has replaced the sacked members of staff with new hands recruited from Phillips Consulting and other outsourcing firms.

Our reporter called the Operations Manager of the Dopemu branch of Union Bank, Mr. T. C. Ogbonna to get his reaction.

When questioned on the reason for the lay off, Ogbonna said: “My brother, I don’t know oo. I can’t say anything because I really don’t have the details.” Sensing the reporter will not drop the call without a cogent information, the official said “Please I am not in position to speak. You can call the Head of Human Resources or Corporate Communications.”

Another insider who confided in DailyPost said, Mr. Ogbonna may not likely give reasons so as to save his job. He is the current branch secretary of the Bank’s labour union

ECOWAS Vows Never To Invite Obasanjo To Monitor Election

Following embarrassing and undemocratic utterances by General Olusegun Obasanjo at yesterday’s meeting of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), the leadership of the commission today held a review meeting that could end the possibility of future election observation on its behalf by the former Nigerian leader.

As SaharaReporters reported yesterday, Obasanjo was the figure behind the recommendation of the ECOWAS observation team to curtail the media in election observation that contradicts the position of ECOWAS and other international democracy observers.

A senior ECOWAS official said of today’s development, “Our meeting this evening has resolved, and this will be communicated to the political leadership of ECOWAS, that Chief Obasanjo should be saved the trouble of trying to give what he doesn't have.”

He said the review was necessitated by the negative reaction generated by General Obasanjo's role in the observation mission and the potential for it to undermine the credibility of ECOWAS in future observation missions.

According to the senior officer, “You know Obasanjo is a loose cannon. He becomes uncontrollable once bestowed with power. We regret this appointment and vowed never to have the man invited to head missions again.

“ECOWAS was only fortunate to have [been] at an election of an advanced and stable democracy. Were it to be a volatile country, his disposition, recommendations and utterances are not only capable of truncating the electoral process, they are capable of jeopardizing the security and safety of our 250 monitors mobilized from across the sub-region.”

Okonjo-Iweala mum’s kidnappers ‘yet to make demand’

48 hours after the kidnap of Prof. Kamene Okonjo, mother of the Minister of Finance and Coordinating Minister of the Economy, Prof. Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala, her abductors are yet to contact the family.
However, heavily armed security operatives have descended on Ogwashi-Uku,Aniocha South local government area of Delta State.
Security operatives comprising soldiers, police and customs cordoned-off the road leading to the place.
A security cordon has been thrown over the entire Delta State as all exits leading from the state are manned by stern-looking soldiers conducting searches on motorists.
The Nation learnt that a detachment of soldiers from the 4th Mechanized Brigade of the Nigerian Army in Benin were deployed to beef up the security across the state.
Brig. Gen. Ubi Umahi, who is the Commander 4th Mechanized Brigade, led the team.
Prof. Okonjo, according to reports, was bundled into a waiting vehicle by gunmen numbering about ten on Sunday afternoon.
However, the 82-year-old Professor of Sociology is still being held by her abductors who are yet to establish contacts with the family.
Delta State Governor, Dr. Emmanuel Uduaghan, on Monday visited Ogwashi-Uku and reassured residents of his administration’s commitment to security of life and property.
Uduaghan, who warned against rumour mongering in connection with the abduction, urged the people to remain calm and come up with useful information that could assist security operatives in tracking down the hoodlums.